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February 18, 2018 4:55 pm

77% Of Currently Employed Workers Compete For Your Next Job


That’s an eye-opening number if you’re looking for a job. But a recent CareerBuilder study projected that 77% of currently employed workers are searching for a new job. Let’s examine CareerBuilder’s projection. In 2010, CareerBuilder reported that 35% of currently employed workers were searching for a job – their recent projection was 220% of 2010’s […]


Job Search Checklist #17: Employer Value Statements


Employer Value Statements show your target employer the impact your accomplishments had on past employers. Learn 4 types of Employer Value Statements and 5 bullets that aren’t Employer Value Statements …


Bore Someone To Death With A 30 Second Elevator Speech


Want to bore someone to death? Treat them to the worst 30 seconds of their life with your 30 second elevator pitch … Many career experts teach you to practice a 30 second elevator speech – So that if Warren Buffet is trapped in an elevator with you, you’ll be dully prepared to bore him […]


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