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February 18, 2018 5:32 am

Who is reCareered?

job, jobs, job search, careers, career, career change, career coachPhil Rosenberg, President: Phil Rosenberg is President of reCareered, the web’s central hub for job search advice. Phil runs the Career Central group (, one of Linkedin’s largest groups for job seekers. Phil has also built one of the 20 largest global networks on Linkedin, as well as large Facebook and Twitter audiences. An active blogger about social media and career change, Phil’s articles have been republished/featured by Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fox News, AOL, FastCompany, CIO, ZDnet, The Examiner, and the leading job/career/recruiting sites. Phil can be contacted at

Elwood & Tuanis: Photo models and general entertainment … the big brains behind reCareered.

Our newest member, Shemp. Because who can resist a cute puppy?

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