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February 18, 2018 5:34 am

reCareered Executive Resources

Executive Resources: Some executives want individualized one on one attention from the very best.  Phil Rosenberg, Career Coach and author of reCareered offers limited personalized services to select executives.

  1. Leverage your talent (Coaching/Mentoring/Training):  I leverage your talent to increase the pace of your job search…so you can increase your pipeline in a shorter time.   I coach and mentor in topics including focused goal setting, defining subject matter expertise, personal branding, career project planning, Social media in job search (including Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter strategies), interview preparation and post analysis, salary negotiation and networking.  I coach candidates to make recruiters want to work with you, think of you first, want to return your calls and emails, by providing value that differentiates you from other candidates.
  2. Increase your response rate (Resume Search Optimization):  To reach beyond the limitations of your closest network, your resume has to be found among hundreds or even thousands submitted to recruiters and companies.  Much like web pages are optimized to turn up on the first page of a Google search, your resume can be written to rank highly in searches.  Resume Search Optimization brings you a strong advantage since so few candidates use this strategy.
  3. Not only can Resume Search Optimization get you more interviews, but I improve the hiring manager’s first impression so much that you’re often the leading candidate going INTO the interview.  According to studies by Harvard & University of Toledo, most employers make hiring decisions primarily upon gut feel…and build evidence to support that gut feel.  Hiring managers mentally or physically rank resumes before they schedule interviews.  Didn’t you do the same with employees that you hired?

  4. Increase your opportunities (Agent Services – Reverse recruiting):  To expand your opportunity pipeline, you’ll need to expand beyond your immediate network.   I teach executives with large networks how to differentiate networking efforts so your networking conversations build value that assists your search efforts.  In addition, I use my extensive global network (Top 90 in Linkedin globally) to act as your agent to pitch you for jobs to hiring managers in my 22M+ Linkedin network that meet your industry, company, and geographical needs.  In effect, I act as your personal headhunter, or the executive’s version of Jerry McGuire.  While recruiters work for employers, reCareered always works for candidates (and is free to employers, making you look like a 30-35% better value).
  5. Build an inbound opportunity pipeline (Online Branding and Online Reputation Management):   In short, I brand people online, to build an inbound opportunity pipeline (pull marketing) through integrated social media strategies.  Social Branding has the goal of making your online presence more “findable” through Google searches, gaining you top rankings for targeted key word searches.  I create and implement integrated social media campaigns, including blogging (creation, publishing, as well as effective promotion and syndication methods), using questions, forums, questions, answers, comments, etc. to promote your subject matter expertise in Google searches, find inside tracks to jobs in the hidden job market, and build your network.   In summary, I help employers find you just like you found me…online.

Costs: Full retail cost of an individual hour is $400/hour – this type of purchase only makes sense for clients who want one or two hours total.

Most of my clients purchase my time in heavily discounted pre-paid time blocks that I offer.  To keep things simple, I package blocks of 10, 20, 50, & 100 hours that contain volume discounts. Other packages can be arranged to fit your needs.  All services provided a-la-carte, via phone and email support, so you choose only the services that meet your individual needs.

Time                      Per Individual Hour          10 Hours          20 Hours          50 Hours          100 Hours
Cost/hour                                       $400                  $250                 $200                  $150                    $140
Package Price                                                 $2,500.00        $4,000.00         $7,500.00         $14,000.00

Please note that these discounts apply to individual prepaid time purchases.  Multiple time purchases will not earn combined discounts at the same level as individual prepaid time purchases (Ex: Two separate 10 hour time blocks will each cost $2,500 or $250/hour, while a 20 hour single purchase costs $4,000, or $200/hour).

Your total costs will depend upon projects that you choose, time split (between your work and mine), and volume of purchase.  With almost every candidate I’ve worked with, needs change during the time of your job search, making it difficult to accurately quote total costs upfront.

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