April 2010 Hiring Trends Show Slow Employment Improvements (Page 4)

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SimplyHired.com – Employment Trends:
Job Function

Simply Hired also publishes some interesting trend data, but Simply Hired reviews hiring trends over an 18 month window. Simply Hired compares 18 month hiring trends based on it’s aggregation of job advertisements, based on the specific wording of job ads. For instance, one of the trends Simply Hired publishes is a trend analysis of Finance, Retail, Marketing, Health care, Banking, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Accounting jobs.

This trend report demonstrates growth in marketing (+47%), retail (+30%), consulting (+27%), banking (+2%), finance (-2%), manufacturing (-15%), accounting (-17%), and health care (-27%). Technology doesn’t appear in this report as there are so many ways to describe technology jobs, so trends based on a single word won’t give meaningful results. See the chart below for more details.

Chart from SimplyHired.com

( Continued … SimplyHired – Employment Trends: Job Level )

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