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Some of these tools made the last top web 2.0 sites list that I published. Others were in existence, but hadn’t made the list. Over 25% of these apps are new. Many of these sites are free, but not all. I do tend to favor free applications, as money is often tight to those in career transition.

Please note, the numerical order isn’t important – this isn’t a ranking. The list is ordered by function, describing how they can help a candidate.

Top Web 2.0 Sites – #1 – 25

    Social Networks
  1. Linkedin – Social network, primarily business
  2. Facebook – Social network, business and personal
  3. Twitter – Text-like social network
  4. Ning – Private Social networks
  5. MySpace – Social network, primarily personal
  6. YouTube – User generated video
  7. Lists and Directories

  8. Plaxo – Contact synchronizer
  9. ZoomInfo – Business directory
  10. Spoke – Business directory & Social network
  11. Jigsaw – Business directory
  12. Twitter Lists – Lists of top industry Twitter lists
  13. – Job Search Contact Management, Job search tracking
  14. Job Boards

  15. Indeed – Job listing aggregator
  16. SimplyHired – Job listing aggregator, also on Linkedin
  17. TweetMyJobs – Largest Job Board via Twitter
  18. Crowdspring – Bid on freelance jobs.  Currently for designers and writers, but expanding to other types of freelance projects
  19. Office Tools

  20. Docs – Free MS Office documents online, easily post to Facebook – Office 2010 online to launch soon
  21. Google Docs – Free MS Office compatible docs online, post links anywhere
  22. Media

  23. Flickr – User Generated Photo sharing
  24. Picasa – User generated photo sharing
  25. – Professionally filmed/edited video resume
  26. Websites & Online Portfolios

  27. Google Sites – Build a free website or online candidate portfolio
  28. – Build a free website or online portfolio
  29. Questions & Answers

  30. Yahoo Answers – User generated questions and answers
  31. LinkedIN Answers – User generated questions and answers

( Continued … Top Web 2.0 Sites – #26 – 50 )


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