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Top Layoffs week ended 6-11:

Government topped the list as 27 local governmental units and school districts announced layoffs this week affecting thousands of workers, led by the Broward School System (1,300), the Milwaukee School Board (600) and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (500). Solo Cup announced layoffs of 1,240 as it is closing 3 manufacturing facilities.

Financial services was next as Morgan Stanley announced it would close approximately 300 locations and layoff 1,200 employees as it continues to integrate with Smith Barney and Citigroup. GlaxoSmithKline announced 700 job cuts as the company works to cut 2.2 billion from it’s cost structure.

Media firms announced layoffs also as Cinram cut 482 after losing a contract from Warner Home Video worth 28% of the company’s revenue.

Inclusion on this listing doesn’t mean the entire industry is down, as some from the same sectors appeared on the “Who’s Hiring” article published 6/7/10.

Job seekers: You might want to look in greener pastures than these companies.

Organizations announcing or rumored layoffs for the week ended 6/11/10:

  • Broward School System, Ft. Lauderdale FL (1,300)
  • Solo Cup, Owings Mills MD, North Andover MA, and Springfield MO (1,240)
  • Morgan Stanley, Various US (<1,200)
  • Glaxo SmithKline, Various US (700)
  • Milwaukee School Board, Milwaukee, WI (600)

( Continued … See the rest of this week’s top layoffs )


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