Ugly Job Hunting Truths…And what you can do about them

Feb 6 2008 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

Check out my podcast, Ugly Job Hunting Truths…And What you can do about them. Chris Russell, author of Secrets of the Job Hunt (a Career Advice Social Network), interviewed me for his podcast today.

Chris asked me some insightful questions. I hope my answers can shed some light on experiences job seekers face today.

Chris asked:
1. If you had to critique most job hunters today, what would you say are the 2-3 biggest mistakes they make?

2. What’s your philosophy on resume writing…do you have certain guidelines that you always follow when creating one?

3. What are the ‘2 Ugly Truths’ about the job market?

4. You wrote a post recently on what makes a good resume but you say (quote) “even a good resume isn’t good enough anymore”…what did you mean by that?

Chris Russell is an “A-List Blogger” in the world of recruiting, named top 25 by Currently he is President & Founder of LLC – a network of regional job boards serving CT, MY, MA & RI. He also writes several blogs related to careers/jobs.

Check out the interview for answers! Thanks for listening!

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