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February 18, 2018 4:32 pm

How Effective Is Your Resume? Here’s how to measure …

Mar 31 2008 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

When I’m asked for resume advice, I’ll often first ask…what’s your resume’s hit ratio, or response rate? Usually, this question is answered by the sound of crickets. It surprises me, especially Finance and Technology professionals whose professional lives revolve around measuring and interpreting data, don’t think to measure the effectiveness of their resume. Isn’t it […]

Five Tips On Finding A New Job

Mar 28 2008 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

This U.S. News & World Report article (Five Tips on Finding a New Job) provides a great overview of how to be successful in today’s job search market. The article talks about the importance of personal branding, Social Networking, Blogging, and promoting yourself as a Subject Matter Expert as specific job search strategies. I disagree […]

Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Mar 27 2008 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

I’m reposting this blog entry by Seth Godin, author of a dozen brilliant marketing books and Seth’s Blog. Seth’s comments are simple, yet remarkable. Incredibly encouraging and powerful. Our greatest opportunities are borne from our greatest problems. Think about it….the greatest inventions and companies are founded because they solve a problem.Try not to view the […]

FaceBook Strategies (1)– The Power of FaceBook Groups

Mar 26 2008 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

Want to communicate your subject matter expertise to a targeted audience, or would a scatter shot approach be more effective? If you want a tightly targeted audience, that will have a high likelihood of facing problems that you are uniquely qualified to solve, then check out FaceBook’s groups, one of its most powerful features. FaceBook […]

How To Take Control Of The Interview

Mar 25 2008 in Featured, Interviews, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

Ever get all excited for an interview, only to be frustrated that it didn’t go as well as planned? Maybe your experience wasn’t portrayed in its best light, or your many accomplishments weren’t valued. How can you avoid this outcome, and take control of the interview? It’s really not that hard….partially it’s how you approach […]

Resume Search Optimization

Mar 24 2008 in Featured, reCareered Blog, Resumes by Phil Rosenberg

Are you getting a 25% response rate to your resume? If you are, stop reading, this article isn’t for you. If you’re getting less than a 25% response rate to your resume, then your resume is working against you and blocking you from interviews for top positions. Unfortunately, most of the population falls into the […]

Inside the Head of the Headhunter – Justin Roy of SullivanKreiss

Mar 21 2008 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

This week, we get inside the head of Justin Roy, Chief Operating Officer of SullivanKreiss, one of the nation’s largest recruiters of Architects and Building/Design Engineers. Justin is responsible for the management of recruiting operations, along with client and project development. He has extensive experience with all aspects of executive-level, key management, and technical position […]

Top 50 Web 2.0 Tools for Job seekers

Mar 20 2008 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

So what’s all the fuss over Job Search 2.0? Web 2.0 is the interactive web, where users provide the content. Why does that matter to a job seeker? Because Web 2.0 gives every job seeker the opportunity to promote subject matter expertise. Web 2.0 gives multiple formats and platforms and tools to allow job seekers […]

Linkedin strategies – Tight vs Broad Network

Mar 19 2008 in Featured, Networking/Social Networking, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

There’s been a controversy going on within the Linkedin crowd for years. Is it more effective for your job search to build a Linkedin network of close personal connections? Or instead, build a network with a broad reach, but weak connections? It depends on your purpose, and networking style. If you’re reading this blog, chances […]

Would You Stop Looking For A Job Already?

Mar 18 2008 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

Yep, that’s right… Stop looking for a job. You’ll find a better job, a more fulfilling career, and likely higher pay if you just stop looking for a job already. You can be more effective in your career search if you change the paradigm. Instead, start searching for a problem. Find a problem that you […]

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