Top 50 Web 2.0 Tools for Job seekers

Mar 20 2008 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

So what’s all the fuss over Job Search 2.0?

Web 2.0 is the interactive web, where users provide the content. Why does that matter to a job seeker?

Because Web 2.0 gives every job seeker the opportunity to promote subject matter expertise. Web 2.0 gives multiple formats and platforms and tools to allow job seekers to announce to the world “I know my stuff!”.

In addition, Web 2.0 can help job seekers get found on Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines.

So what does Web 2.0 look like? Here’s a listing of my favorite 50 Web 2.0 sites for job seekers:

  1. LinkedIN – Social Network, primarily business
  2. FaceBook – Social Network, business and personal
  3. MySpace – Social network, primarily personal
  4. Ning – Private Social networks
  5. Plaxo – Contact synchronizer
  6. ZoomInfo – Business directory
  7. Spoke – Business Directory & Social network
  8. Jigsaw – Business Directory & Social Network
  9. YouTube – User generated video
  10. Twitter – Text-like social network
  11. Pownce – File Sharing social network
    , Closed in 2009
  12. Flickr – User Generated Photo sharing
  13. Zooomr – User generated photo sharing and text for mobile
  14. Yahoo Answers – User generated questions and answers
  15. LinkedIN Answers – User generated questions and answers
  16. Google Answers – User generated questions and answers , Closed in 2009
  17. FaceBook Groups – Common interest based groups
  18. Yahoo Groups – Common interest based groups
  19. Google Groups – Common interest based groups
  20. – Common interest based groups
  21. Blogger – Blog platform
  22. WordPress – Blog platform
  23. Typepad – Blog platform
  24. – Social bookmarking
  25. Ma.gnolia – Social bookmarking , Closed for redevelopment – expected to reopen Fall ’09
  26. Furl – Social Bookmarking
  27. Reddit – Submit, vote on, and rank news
  28. Digg – User submitted reviews of websites, services, blogs
  29. Technorati – User reviews of what’s happening on the live web
  30. StumbleUpon – User reviews and web channel surfing
  31. Pandora – User defined internet radio
  32. – User defined Internet radio
  33. Skype – Social network, IM, and VOIP
  34. Jaxtr – VOIP linked to websites, blogs and social networks
  35. Fon – By, sell, and share wifi connections
  36. Meebo – Web based multi platform IM
  37. Google Maps – Mashup maps with other data
  38. Yahoo Maps – Mashup maps with other data
  39. Google Calendar – Shared and mashup calendars
  40. Evite – User generated invitations and ev
  41. Meetup – User generated special interest group meeting listings
  42. Eventful – Create and share events
  43. Favorville – People helping people
  44. Prosper – Peer to Peer lending
  45. Indeed – Job listing aggregator
  46. SimplyHired – Job listing aggregator, also on LinkedIN
  47. FeedDemon – Manage RSS feeds
  48. Wikipedia – User created encyclopedia
  49. Razume – User submitted resumes, professional community review & Feedback
  50. Clusty – Cluster Search results in folders

This is just a list of my favorites. There are hundreds of Web 2.0 tools available on the web today.

How will you Web 2.0 your job search?

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