You Don’t Have to be Shakespeare to Write a ResuBlog

May 14 2008 in Job Search/Career Change, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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First, what in the world is a ResuBlog? And why would I need one? No one else does?

It’s just what it sounds like – a mashup of a Resume and Blog. That’s exactly why you need one, because few others use ResuBlogs.

Need a reason to start a ResuBlog?…here’s 5:

  1. Google Rankings – Good blogs can get the author ranked page 1 of Google. Want proof? Search for my name on Google & Yahoo. Blogs and social networks in combination got me 5 first page listings.
  2. Subject Matter Expertise – The single fastest way to promote your subject matter expertise is to write about it. Tell your war stories.
  3. Networking – Blogging makes you the expert. People seek the advice of experts. And other bloggers are big online networkers.
  4. Conversation – A blog isn’t just your pulpit, it’s a conversation. Employers can reach you through your blog, and have a reason to comment. Companies have a reason to tell you about their problems. Wait a second…Aren’t you looking for problems that you’re uniquely qualified to solve?
  5. Differentiation – So few job seekers blog, it makes you stand out – when everyone else sends out a personal biography, you’re describing industry expert solutions to business problems.

So how do you Resublog?

It’s so easy, you don’t even need a website. The two leading blog providers Blogger & WordPress can host for you. You don’t have to know a thing about programming, as Blogger & WordPress make it pretty automated for you (Blogger is easier). Or if you want to heavily personalize, Blogs give you a chance to show off your design and programming skills.

Pick a blog name that reflects your expertise. Calling your blog “Billy Bob’s Blognation” might sound cool to you, but it won’t give your readers a clue about your content.

But I’m not a writer, how am I going to blog?

No worries…there’s so much content already on the web, you can be a publisher instead. A publisher takes other author’s content, and makes their own collection of articles on their own blog. If you want to get fancy, put comments before the articles, to review them. Even if you don’t write original content, as a blog publisher, it makes you an expert on the blog’s content. Just make sure you ask permission first, then give credit to the original author and blog, or copy the links into your blog article. Not all blog authors wish to have their content republished, so ask first.

Be specific – think long tail

Don’t write about the trials and tribulations of being a controller. As gripping as the stories about reconciling accounts might be, it’s tough to stand out. Instead, write about cost saving efforts in your industry. Don’t just tell your war stories…interview your peers and tell THEIR stories. Interview your peers’ bosses and tell their stories.

Wait a second….when you’re interviewing your peer’s boss, you’ll want to send that CFO a link to your ResuBlog (that contains your digital RESUME), so they’ll see who’s interviewing them. Encourage them to tell their friends! That gets you more readers, more content, and more people seeing your resume in your ResuBlog!

Have an opinion – Take a stand

A blog’s no time to be shy…you’re the boss of your own blog. Take a stand, have a strong opinion. What if people disagree? Let them….having a healthy dialogue and even disagreement on a blog can be very entertaining for your readers.

Don’t forget – Attach your Subject Matter Expert Resume! Back up your subject matter expertise with your experience.

Let’s review:

You can stand out from the competition, get listed front page of Google, you have an excuse to interview hiring managers and discover their challenges, and get your ResuBlog in front of many hiring managers…and you don’t have to write If you aren’t comfortable being an author.

What are you waiting for??


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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