How Do I Verify Spelling Of The Interviewer’s Name? Job search question of the week

Aug 19 2010 in Featured, Interviews, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

Occasionally I post a job search question from one of our readers. This was a question from a participant in one of my recent Resume Revolution! webinars (enroll at

Job seeker J.W. asked:

“How do I verify the spelling of an interviewer’s name?”

This issue is faced my nearly every candidate – How did that interviewer spell her name? Was it Jane McDowell or Jayne MacDonnell?

It’s a common dilemma for job seekers. I’ve included a number of tips to help candidates verify the spelling of names.

J.W. continued:

“I just had a phone interview with a recruiter and I think it went well.

I want to send the Recruiter a thank you letter. However, I am not sure of the spelling of the recruiter’s name.

How do candidates handle this situation? Can you provide any advice on this?”

Here are 6 ways to verify the spelling of the interviewer’s name:

  1. Get a business card: Don’t leave the interview without a business card. Even if you’ve written the interviewer’s name down – get their card.
  2. Google them: Google is a great dictionary. Google the name of the firm and the person’s first name (or part of their name). Many recruiters post job ads with their email as the contact – Google may turn these up.
  3. Check the company website: Some companies (esp. recruiters) will have a full directory of employees on their site.
  4. Search on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter: Especially effective for recruiters, as most use social networks and have profiles so candidates can find them.
  5. Search other online directories and social networks: Try Plaxo, ZoomInfo, Spoke, Jigsaw, Ning and others.
  6. Call: Call the main number and get to a live person if an automated attendant answers. Tell the truth, that you interviewed and are trying to send thank you notes to people you spoke with – and you just need to confirm spelling of a name. Here are some hints at getting past an automated attendant:
  7. Or you could just handle it like our friend Brennan …


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    Author: Phil Rosenberg

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