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Nov 11 2010 in Featured, Job Boards, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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Interview w/Gautam Godhwani, CEO of Simply Hired – the future of job search …

I recently had the opportunity to interview Gautam Godhwani, the CEO of SimplyHired about the recently published white paper, “The Future Of Job Search”. Gautam gave some fascinating insights about innovations that candidates can expect in the next evolution of job search.

reCareered: What changes are you seeing right now and how are they affecting job seekers today?

Godhwani: There’s an extreme amount of information available online today – 20 times more jobs posted online than what was available 10 years ago. Added to that, social networking, your friends, and what your network is saying about you, can all help you find jobs online. Today, job seekers should recognize the information that’s available to help them and that the investment in social media they make today can have a huge payoff in their job search.

reCareered: How does this compare to the information that past job seekers could access?

Godhwani: In 1990, a candidate could see just a few job listings. Today’s candidates can see 5M+ job postings, target exact companies based on size, research interview questions, and can anticipate salary levels. Today’s job seeker can empower their job search so much more than 20 years ago.

reCareered: Where can candidates research potential interview questions?

Godhwani: has areas for discussion, candid employee discussion about what working at a company is really like and often discussions about the interview process. In addition, Linkedin Groups and Linkedin Answers are a great resource to ask questions of current employees to prepare for an interview.

reCareered: What other information are candidates able to research to increase their chances?

Godhwani: More and more these days, practically everything about a company’s hiring process is being disclosed – salaries, interview questions, job openings. In a few years, as everything about the innards of the company will be exposed through social media, the companies who will win the best candidates are the ones who build great employment brands, provide the greatest transparency, and give candidate feedback loops.

reCareered: Feedback? Are you saying that companies will start to give decent communication to candidates, rather than hiding behind email and voice mail?

Godhwani: It is easier than ever before to communicate with candidates through status updates, tweets, blog posting, commenting. Candidates now have a voice through social media, so companies will be driven to communicate effectively or risk ruining their employment brand. There will be an industry-wide movement towards transparency and truth.

reCareered: What are the three most important things candidates can concentrate on today to help their job search?

Godhwani: 3 things to focus on today:

  1. Information: Make sure to have access to information – comprehensive job search, salary trends and information about what’s going on inside the company.
  2. Friends: Get your friends to help you online – Send effective targeted messages and broadcast messages
  3. Broader network: Make sure to also target your broader network to help your search

reCareered: How do you see mobile affecting job search trends going forward?

Godhwani: Mobile technology will change the job search paradigm. Nielsen projects that half of all cell phones sold in US will be web-enabled smartphones by 2011. Job search systems will know so much about you that there’s a high probability to forward jobs that will interest the candidate. Most candidates will view personal email by mobile device. Eric Smith of Google predicted that most of the global population will have Internet access by 2020 and most will be connected via mobile. For job seekers to be connected all the time gives job seekers the ability to use different job search methods. search in a very differently.

These will include:

  1. Remote Control: Job seekers will be able to control their job search via mobile, after initial set-up via desktop/laptop
  2. Alert based search: Job seekers will receive real-time updates via text or Twitter on relevant job openings
  3. Mobile Social Media: Job seekers will be able to access mobile services to give listings and background information on other networking event attendees – serving as a guide to richer initial conversations
  4. Location: Mobile job search applications will move with the job seeker, giving real-time job search data based on where they are and even based on who else is nearby

reCareered: Thanks so much Gautam for your insights into changing job search trends and sharing how these changes affect candidates. Any final comments on future trends?

Godhwani: More than ever, job seekers can literally define the job that they love and use technology to help find it. The nature of work is changing also as it’s easier to freelance and define your own job: It’s easier than ever before to define what, where, how and when you work.

Many employees may feel stuck where they are today, that they don’t have many options. SimplyHired is a leading indicator to the job market – before the downturn we listed 5M jobs, in the first half of 2009 we listed just 2.5M openings – today we are back to 5M listings. There are some trends in 2010, going into 2011 that people can feel good about. There are more opportunities out there and SimplyHired is building more ways to help you find them.

You can read more about SimplyHired’s white paper “The Future Of Job Search” at


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