David Letterman’s Top 10 Reasons Your Job Search Is Frustrating

Dec 29 2010 in Featured, Job Search/Career Change, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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Well, ‘ya know, this is a little disturbing…

The category tonight, Top 10 Reasons Your Job Search Is Frustrating

… ’ya know, we talked about this a few times a little earlier this year, and recently a job seeker from Georgia, ‘ya know this is exactly what I was talkin’ about, he was telling me about how he had been searching for a new job, and he just wasn’t seein’ any progress. And this sort of thing is happening to people all across America…

So now, ladies and gentlemen … Express from the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska.

OK, here we go, the Top 10 Reasons Your Job Search Is Frustrating …

#10: You can’t find any jobs that fit your skills on the job boards

Right … exactly – No wonder you’re frustrated

#9: You’ve sent resumes to all your friends, but few have turned into interviews

Yeah, that’s the problem … that’s what it is right there

#8: It feels like no one is even looking at your resume

ouch … OUCH!

#7: Informational interviews don’t turn into job interviews

Top 10 Reasons Your Job Search is Frustrating …

#6: Recruiters don’t return your calls … even the automated attendant won’t take your calls

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy … I’ll tell you, you don’t want to hear that

#5: All you meet at networking event are just more candidates

Well, that could be good too …

#4: You’ve gotten face-to-face job interviews with a hiring manager for less than 5% of the resumes you’ve sent

Yeah, ya’ don’t want that …

#3: Your network doesn’t work as well as it used to

Uh Oh …

#2: It’s this crummy job market

Oh, buddy … That’s not good …

And the # 1 reason your job search is frustrating …

Nobody even reads your cover letter!

Readers – How many of these apply to your job search?


Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy?

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