Career Advice – Do You Job Search Like A Lemming Or A Tiger?

Jan 19 2011 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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What career advice do you follow? Do you search for a job like a lemming? Do you follow the other lemmings – the “common career advice”, “rules of thumb”, pitched by hundreds of career coaches, alumni associations, government & non-profit job agencies?

Or do you search for a job more like a tiger? Do you blaze your own trail, differentiating yourself as much as possible, standing out from the crowd? Do you experiment with different techniques in your search?

Examine these job search strategies to see if your own search is more like a lemming or like a tiger.

1. ____________ Enter the number of lemming job search strategies listed below that you use

2. ____________ Enter the number of tiger career strategies listed below that you use

3. ____________ Score = Entry 2 – Entry 1

If the result of Entry 3 is positive, you’re using more tiger career tactics.

The higher a positive number in Entry 3, the stronger of a job search tiger you are -and the less likely you are to have career frustrations.

If the result of Entry 3 is negative, you’re a search lemming, probably finding difficulties in the job market – chances are you’re blaming these difficulties on the economy rather your search strategy.

11 Job Search Strategies Of Lemmings:

  1. Apply to jobs through job boards
  2. Write a generalist resume, describing the many things you “could do”
  3. Apply to jobs through corporate web sites
  4. Send virtually the same resume to the jobs you apply to
  5. Attempt to look like a tiger with a cover letter, like 96% of the other lemmings
  6. Don’t waste time with pre-resume research … instead use the time to apply for more jobs
  7. Network with people you know well
  8. Don’t waste your time with social networks
  9. Send your resume to human resource managers
  10. Send your resume to everyone you know, asking for their help, informational interviews, and to pass your resume to hiring managers
  11. Expecting recruiters to find your next job for you

11 Career Strategies Of Tigers:

  1. Use job boards for research, not for applying to jobs
  2. Write a subject matter expert resume, describing what you do best and how that would solve problems of the hiring company/department/manager
  3. Apply to jobs by first meeting (or talking to) the hiring manager and uncovering problems before you send a resume
  4. Send a highly customized, highly targeted one-time use resume to target companies, demonstrating that you’ve already solved critical problems of the hiring manager
  5. Write a resume that stands on it’s own, showing why your accomplishments make you ideal specifically for your target company, rather than using a cover letter and discussing your skills
  6. Spend hours researching a target company, before you send a resume
  7. Expand your network in your industry, job function, and region with in-person and social networking
  8. Use social media to build your influence and personal brand
  9. Don’t waste your time with Human Resources
  10. Always provide value to your network but never spam your network
  11. Utilizing recruiters as one of many opportunity channels, but recognizing you’re more likely to find your next job through the contacts you build

Examine your own job search – are you a job search lemming, or a career tiger?

Readers – Please comment below to list other lemming and tiger job career advice.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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