When A Major Job Board CEO States That Job Boards Are Broken – Do You Listen?

Mar 11 2011 in Featured, Job Boards, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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You’ve been hearing me say that job boards are broken … and maybe you’ve been skeptical. What does Phil know? He’s just a loudmouth with a website.

Well it’s not just me saying that job boards are broken anymore.

Marc Cendella, CEO of The Ladders also states that job boards are broken … and he runs a job board.

Mark states the ugly truth about why they are broken – “The Internet has made it too easy for anybody to apply to any job. So what happens? Everybody applies.”

Wow, that sounds so similar to what I’ve been saying for years about how the internet has driven the opportunity cost of applying to a job to zero – you can apply to hundreds in a day. This encourages unqualified candidates to apply for jobs, just in case because maybe they’ll get lucky.

Here are some excerpts from Marc’s email (after taking out the TheLadders’ promotional parts):

”If you’ve been looking for a job recently, you’ve discovered the ugly truth: job boards are broken.

They don’t work, they don’t help, and they aren’t getting you where you need to go. Sure it sounds nice in theory — making it so easy to apply to jobs for anybody from anywhere at any time.

But the truth is that the Internet has made it too easy for anybody to apply to any job.

So what happens? Everybody applies.

The typical job posting on Monster or CareerBuilder can get hundreds of applications, which means talented professionals like you can’t stand out from the crowd of student drivers, stand-up comics, and late-night janitors who have also lobbed in an application.

And recruiters and hiring managers have discovered it as well. Job boards are broken for them because when they have an important position to fill, and only a little bit of time to do it, they don’t have hours and hours and hours to sort through all the inappropriate applications that come to them over the internet.

I mean, c’mon, how many folks do you know in HR with tons of extra time on their hands these days? With all of the budget cuts over the past few years, they have less time than ever for each job they’re working on.

Are you doing the most to make yourself stand out? Are you taking the right steps to make yourself more attractive?

Is your approach on the phone, in email, in person as effective as it could be to make yourself stand apart? Are your marketing materials (your resume, your interview answers, your interview questions) designed to make you irresistible to your future employer?

If not, if you’re just another form to be processed, another LinkedIn profile to be stacked up, another in the long line of applicants to be weeded out… you’re not making your job search as attractive as you could be.

And that’s why job boards are broken… by shoe-horning you into the same cattle chute as all the other applicants, job boards fail at the essential task of highlighting your special experience and background.

Warmest regards,
Marc Cenedella, Founder & CEO, TheLadders.com “

Of course he went on to say that TheLadders isn’t any ol’ job board, and that TheLadders is somehow that much better than its whole industry that it’s the solution to broken job boards.

Marc, TheLadders is still a job board, right? Because it’s a job board and it’s easy for anyone (and therefore everyone) to use it to apply for jobs, TheLadders like the rest of the industry is broken. Someone finally addressed the elephant in the room!

Thank you Marc, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Wait, I did say it in many articles, most recently in “Job Boards – Great for market research but lousy for applying directly to jobs” at http://www.recareered.com/blog/2010/10/19/job-boards-great-for-market-research-but-lousy-for-applying-directly-to-jobs/.

If you’d like to learn what you can change in your job search so you no longer have to depend on broken job boards, register for my complimentary Resume Revolution! webinar at http://ResumeWebinar.com .

Candidates – Are you listening? Job boards are broken … so what will you do differently?


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