Job Interview? 9 Great Tips to Get You to Round 2

Mar 17 2011 in Featured, Interviews, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

This is a great article by Amy Levin-Epstein published 2/24/11 in her “On The Job” column at

Amy lists 9 excellent interview tips to help you stay in the game …

” Get ready to nail your next interview, job seekers. I’ve asked my experts for their A-list advice to get you a second interview. I suspect you’re already savvy enough to send a thank you note and avoid lying on your resume. Let’s take your technique to the next level.

What follows, in no specific order, is a tried-and-true list of job interview tips. And by all means, if something else has worked even better for you, please sign in below and share it in the comments section.

1. Ask them upfront why they wouldn’t hire you … ”

By Amy Levin-Epstein

Article continued at:


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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