Lessons of Extreme Job-Hunting

Mar 18 2011 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

I wanted to share this interesting article by Joann S. Lublin, who writes for the Career Strategies section of the Wall Street Journal.

She details three candidates who used extreme job hunting strategies, detailing how each worked. It’s interesting to see that while each of these candidates found new jobs, it was because of indirect advantages that their extreme job hunting strategies provided.

Basically, the extreme tactics didn’t really work, but each of these tactics caused the candidate to do something else that did work. By reading the article, you’ll learn that you may not have to go to these extremes to find your next job …

“Joblessness transformed Joshua Persky, James A. Williamson III and Peggy Greco into experts about extreme job-hunting tactics.

Mr. Persky, an investment banker, handed out his résumé while wearing a sandwich board that read, “Experienced M.I.T. Grad for Hire.” Mr. Williamson, fresh out of business school, taped his résumé inside the cab he began driving when he couldn’t land a marketing post. Ms. Greco printed a T-shirt touting her availability for private-duty nursing, then wore it during bicycle rides around wealthy neighborhoods.

The unorthodox gambits failed these job seekers—but taught them plenty about finding work, and could provide a playbook for countless unemployed Americans … “

By Joann S. Lubin, Wall Street Journal reports.

Full article continued at: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204660604574375060814195286.html?mod=WSJ_WSJ_Careers_Crunchonomics75


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