Job Hunting Under The Boss’s Nose

Mar 23 2011 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

I recently read this terrific article about how to job hunt on the sly, for passive candidates who are currently employed. Elizabeth Garone, Careers Editor for the Wall Street Journal writes an insightful piece that gives some good ideas to passive candidates.

To those in transition, it may seem that it’s easier to find a job when you’ve already got a job … but who has the time when many workers are filling in for others who were laid off in addition to their own responsibilities? Worse, given the added pressure of overloaded work schedules and over-stressed managers, it’s critical to remain under the radar when searching for a job while currently working at another.

Since CareerBuilder estimates that 85% of currently employed workers will search for a job this year, this article gives some great ideas to those candidates who can’t afford to risk their current job while searching for their next. Learn how Elizabeth suggests passive candidates can find job search success, without risking their current paycheck …

” When Jon Burke decided earlier this year to look for a new job, he updated his LinkedIn profile with a new executive summary and up-to-date bullet points highlighting his recent accomplishments.

He hoped the changes would be enough of a signal to recruiters that he was serious about making a change and was someone worth contacting. He also hoped the changes were subtle enough not to arouse the suspicion of his coworkers or supervisors, he says.

He also wanted to make sure his profile was consistent and up-to-date with his résumé. Stealth job hunting while employed has never been easy. But in today’s workplace—where offices are more open and pressured managers more regularly check in with employees—it can require a Herculean effort by professionals. Plus, job seekers are often strapped with the workload of two or three people after the layoffs of the past two years. Still, savvy job hunters and career experts say there are a number of creative and traditional ways to ease the burden.

‘In this market, having a profile on LinkedIn doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking,’ says Mr. Burke. Unlike wearing an interview suit to work, using such websites isn’t a clear sign of job hunting, since many people use these portals as part of their job. For Mr. Burke, who uses the site daily as a sales tool, it was the easiest way to search for a job without being too obvious … “

By Elizabeth Garone

Article continued at:

Readers – What stealth job search tactics to you use to get recruiter/employer attention, while remaining under your current employer’s radar? Please comment and share below.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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