Charlie Sheen’s Great Advice For Job Seekers

Mar 30 2011 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

I’ve got to admit it … I’m hooked on the whole Charlie Sheen thing.

I’m not sure what hooks me more … his incredible positive attitude, interest to see if he can make a comeback after telling his boss to “shove it”, or his self destruction in front of our eyes. Ether way, I’m hooked.

What lessons can we learn from Charlie to apply to job search? Aside from the foolishness of telling our boss to “shove it” before lining up other plans, Charlie gives some great advice about Winning and Tigers Blood.

Michael Mercer shares how Charlie Sheen’s wise words can help you in job search:

“Charlie Sheen uses two wonderful phrases that offer wise advice for job hunters. If people put these phrases into action in their job search, they will write better resumes, excel in job interviews, and get more job offers.


First, job searchers absolutely must apply Sheen’s phrase, ‘Winning, Duh.'” Job hunters do this by highlighting their achievements and results in their resumes and job interviews.

Job hunters must highlight their results in five ways:
> Dollars
> Numbers
> Percentages
> Speed in completing work
> Awards – from jobs or school

Convey your impressive – and quantified – accomplishments in your resume and every job interview. Why? Because companies want to hire job applicants who accomplish measurable results. So, figure out ways to translate your work experiences into quantified results you achieved in each job.

For example, perhaps you helped your employers make more profits, reduce costs, increase productivity, or complete work faster. Also, show off awards you won – either from your employers for your great work or even from schools you attended.

Why is this ultra-important? Because companies crave to hire ‘Winners, Duh!’
Also, job seekers must talk about their work and educational experiences in only three ways:
(a) Positive or (b) positive or (c) positive.

Reason: Hiring managers love hiring job applicants who focus on positives. So, your every interaction with a potential employer must display you acting optimistic, upbeat, and confident.

Warning to job hunters: Hiring managers hate job candidates who whine, moan, and complain. So, always focus on the positive – since you want to get job offers.


Charlie Sheen bragged about his “Tiger’s Blood.” He meant ‘tiger’s blood” in a certain way. For job hunters, ‘tiger’s blood’ means showing enthusiasm and energy throughout your job search. For example, in job interviews, show enthusiasm for the job opportunity, enthusiasm for the company, and enthusiasm about results you achieved. In job interviews, winners act enthusiastic non-stop.

In contrast, losers act like they’re on Quaaludes. Do not do that.

Instead, always ooze enthusiasm. Make sure the hiring manager sees your ‘tiger’s blood.'”


People who are job hunting should ask themselves one question – to discover the most important reason to put Charlie Sheen’s advice into action:

Question: What type of job seeker do hiring managers always want to hire?

Answer: Companies always want to hire job hunters who are ‘Winners, Duh!’ “

Original article by Michael Mercer:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Don’t worry, you don’t need Charlie’s favorite condiment to be positive and enthusiastic.

How about you? Does your resume present you as WINNING? Do you interview with TIGER’S BLOOD?

Hiring Managers and Recruiters: How do you react to candidates who demonstrate they are winners and that they interview enthusiastically?


Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy?

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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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