Job Search Brilliance: The Job Seeker’s 3 Moments Of Truth

Aug 10 2011 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

I call ’em like I see ’em – this article is Job Search brilliance!

My friend Chris Perry asked me to help him out – to tweet this article or share it on social media. When I read it, it caused such an A-Ha moment that I wanted to share with you … it’s that good.

Chris describes a marketing concept that Google uses, referring to buyer decision points – Google calls these moments of truth. The brilliance comes in when Chris applies these to job search – because employers also have decision points, or moments of truth.

Chris not only outlines how hiring managers arrive at these decision points but he outlines tactics that you can use to influence hiring manager decisions at the exact moment of truth.

If I gave out awards for job search article of the year (not a bad idea, you know?) – this article would be a finalist … no doubt. Here are some of the highlights – You’ll see links to the whole article at the end.

“How to Master the 3 Moments of Truth for Job Seekers

15 marketing tips for best selling your skills on the job search.

What is The Zero Moment of Truth?

Google recently launched Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, a powerful new ebook by Jim Lecinski, Google’s Managing Director of US Sales & Service.

The Zero Moment of Truth, or ZMOT for short, is the online decision-making point where today’s consumer determines whether to proceed in purchasing a product or service …

… As career professionals, we really need to put on our self-marketing caps and look at this model from a career search and management perspective to understand how we might master these 3 moments of truth for our own career success.

New Marketing Model for Job Seekers

Stimulus: Employer receives a job application or resume and/or comes across a potential candidate online or in person

Zero Moment of Truth: Employer does some online background research to learn more about this candidate

First Moment of Truth: Employer conducts an interview(s) with the candidate to further investigate company and job fit

Second Moment of Truth: Employer hires candidate, manages candidate and provides performance feedback to candidate over time …

… How to master the 3 moments of truth for long-term career success

Zero Moment of Truth

Invest some time and energy into being present online, being found online and coming across credible, competent and qualified in whatever career direction, function and/or industry we have chosen to pursue.

This could include many different tactics, including … “

OK, at this point, I’ll turn it over to Chris’ original article to give you the really good stuff – it’s published at You can find more of Chris Perry’s work at

Chris published this article at – please see his original article and leave him a comment on what a great job he did.

Hey … another light bulb just went off over my head – I should give out reCareered award and publish a list of the best job search articles I’ve seen this year.

Any audience suggestions on what to call the award? The Jobby’s (um … that just sounds wrong)? The reCareeredy’s (too cumbersome)?

It’s late and I’m too tired to be creative. Let’s hear your ideas on the name for the award – Please comment.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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