Straight From The Horse’s Mouth – Include phone and email in your social media profiles

Nov 6 2011 in Featured, Networking/Social Networking, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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So you don’t believe me?

Then you might want to listen to what your audience says.

A recruiter wrote me, describing his frustration with candidates who make it difficult to be contacted, because they neglected to include their email and phone in their Linkedin profile.

It’s pretty simple recruiters are busy and have an excess of candidates, typically finding many who match the hiring manager’s minimum requirements.

Recruiters find many qualified candidates and they are expected by their clients to produce qualified candidates fast. If the recruiter is a contingency recruiter, they have competition from the client’s HR staff, the hiring manager’s contacts, and other recruiters. If they delay, they lose.

So if a recruiter can’t contact you quickly, don’t expect them to wait for you.

Most just move on to the next qualified candidate.

Reader Alan wrote:

“I was just reading your blog, and thought I’d offer a tidbit (forgive me if you’ve mentioned this somewhere) …

I never use Monster or Career Builder for ads or for their employee databases.

I do use Linked In to find people, however. I can search by location, college attended (the most likely person to move to Albany, NY, went to school near there), title, industry, company, etc.

However, it is often hard to contact the person once I find them, especially if they are unemployed. I can send an Inmail, but those are expensive and I get a limited number of them. They also aren’t necessarily delivered to the person, unless they have set their account up so that Inmails are forwarded to their email address (guess how many times someone has responded to an Inmail I sent them 6 weeks beforehand when they finally checked their Linkedin account, and I told them that the job was filled?).

I can also try to arrange an introduction, but that’s long, clumsy and complicated process, particularly if you’re a connection of a connection of a connection. I have never bothered to do that …

All of this adds up to the following: employers, contingent recruiters and retained recruiters are digging through LinkedIn to recruit employees. Make sure that your profile gives them an easy way to connect with you if you’re looking for a job. A phone number is a good idea. At the very least, include an email address – if you’re panicked about spam, use a gmail or hotmail account.

I have, many times, given up after one or two attempts at reaching someone.

Alan Darling, Principal
Alan Darling Consulting”

Reservations about including contact information includes spam and identity theft. It’s easy to avoid both while still including email and phone, so you can also be contacted by employers.

  1. Email: I advise you use a separate email address for your job search, and let the spam controls help you avoid the insurance emails, penny stock offerings, and viagara ads. See more of my job search email address recommendations at .
  2. Phone: Don’t list your primary phone number in social profiles. Instead, use Google voice with it’s built in caller announce features – See .

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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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