Career Advice: 5 Ways To Find The Hiring Manager

Jan 9 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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Candidates ask me this question all the time … it might be the top question I’m asked during my complimentary Resume Revolution webinar. How can I find the hiring manager?

I’m not going to say it’s easy, because few successful job search strategies are easy these days (However, there are lots of easy job search strategies that don’t work).

If you want to find hiring managers, doesn’t it make sense to use methods that the professionals use to find hiring managers? Like them or not, these professionals are called recruiters.

Recruiters may not be paying as much attention to you as you’d like, but they know how to find and reach hiring mangers.

How do recruiters find hiring managers?

  1. Ask Inside Contacts: This is the #1 way recruiters find hiring managers at target companies … and you can do this too. Develop relationships with inside contacts who can guide you to the right hiring managers for the type of position you seek.
  2. Find on Linkedin: Search Linkedin for company name and department. Go to the company’s page, go to the “Your Network” section, click on “See all X connections in your network” and you’ll get to an advanced search function within your target company. You can also search (after you join) industry groups and geographic groups to search members for employees/hiring managers at your target company.
  3. Find on Google: Search on Google for the company and department you are looking for. If a hiring manager has been quoted (or written) articles, if a company directory is available online, or if the company manager is mentioned in company online materials, they will show up in your search. It doesn’t matter if you find someone who is no longer there … if you are told that the person left the company, ask for their replacement’s name.
  4. Find on Facebook: Search Facebook for company name and department – you’ll be surprised at how many departmental employees and hiring managers you can find on Facebook. Search BranchOut and BeKnown for employees and hiring managers from your target company.
  5. Call Company: Just call the company … ask for the name of the manager of a specific department, or the hiring manager for a particular type of job. Don’t ask to be connected to the hiring manager, just ask for their name (asking to be connected is an express train to HR). Don’t ask for HR – their job is to keep you from talking to hiring managers. If the receptionist won’t help, ask for the following departments and then ask for the hiring manager:
    • Sales: You can nearly always get someone in sales to answer the phone. When you get a live person, ask for the name of the ______ department manager.
    • Accounts Receivable: Since Accounts Receivable makes sure that customers pay their bills, you can often get a live person to answer the phone. Then when you get a live person, ask for the name of the ______ department manager.

As for the one way you’ll never find the hiring manager? Just try going through Human Resources …

(P.S. Recruiters HATE going through HR)


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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