Stupid Recruiter Tricks – Finding the hiring manager’s email

Jan 23 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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What happens after you identify the hiring manager? How do you find their email address?

Recruiters face this issue just about every day – so they have to become experts at finding hiring manager email addresses.

The obvious away to find the hiring manager’s email address is to call the company. You might get lucky and the hiring manager’s admin or the person who answers the phone might give it to you.

Or you might not get quite so lucky …

All is not lost, because there are a number of ways to play detective to get a hiring manager’s email.

2 steps to finding a hiring manager’s email address

Most companies set up a common email structure for their employees. Typically, the corporate IT department sets up this structure when email systems are installed. Since companies don’t install a new email system very often (if ever) the company’s email structure seldom changes.

This is good news for you, because to find the hiring manager’s email you’ll only need two things:

The hiring manager’s name


The company’s email structure

Assuming you already have the hiring manager’s name, you just need the email structure.

Determine email structure

Since everyone in the company has the same email structure you just have to figure out what it is, then apply your hiring manager’s name to the structure.

Common email structures include (assume your hiring manager’s name is Rufus T. Firefly):

  • first initial last name (
  • first name last name (
  • first name . last name (
  • first name middle initial last name (
  • first name.middle initial.last name (
  • or for really small companies … (

Finding your target company’s email structure

So how do you determine which structure your target company uses?

Find someone else’s email address at the company … it doesn’t have to be your hiring manager’s email, just anyone’s.

But sometimes that’s more difficult than it sounds – here’s some ideas where to look:

  1. Search Linkedin for other employees at your target company
  2. Search the company’s website
  3. Search Google – search for company name and email or company name and @
  4. Search the company’s Facebook page and search Facebook for employees
  5. Search Branchout on Facebook
  6. Search Twitter for employees, and read their profile
  7. Search Spoke
  8. Search Zoominfo
  9. Search Jigsaw
  10. Search Plaxo

Use the same structure and just replace your hiring manager’s name with it.

Unless your target company is completely off the grid, doesn’t use email or social media, one of these sources should turn up at least one person’s email from your target company.

You’ll find very few companies where this stupid recruiter trick won’t work.

Candidates and Recruiters – care to share any of your favorite tricks to get hiring manager email or contact information?


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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