4 Things Your Job Search Needs Now

Feb 20 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy by Phil Rosenberg

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There’s lots of job search advice out there.

Some of it is gimmicky. Gimmick job search involves tricking the reader into giving you an interview slot. Gimmicky tactics include excluding your graduation dates, hiding keywords with white fonts, or other tricks. The problem with gimmicky job search is that it doesn’t work with experienced HR reps and recruiters who pre-screen … because they’ve seen these tricks all before.

Some job search tactics are based on the most recent fad, software, or website. This works as long as the fad is still relevant, or the software hasn’t changed how its navigation works. Only problem is that fads don’t last long, and software and websites constantly change navigation – Facebook seems to change navigation every 3 months.

And some job search advice is traditional … based on an environment of candidate and skills shortages. You recognize this type of advice because it feels comfortable. Traditional job search advice used to work well. But don’t be fooled – traditional job search assumes candidate and skills shortages.

Today, we face job shortages, and traditional job search strategies don’t work during job shortages.

Here are 4 tactics that can help your job search in today’s job market:

  1. Brand Yourself As A Superior Candidate: Being qualified isn’t good enough when employers have many qualified candidates to choose from. When it’s easy to find qualified candidates, employers look for candidates who have already solved the problems they face today.
  2. Superior Information: How can you demonstrate that you’ve solved your target hiring manager’s priority problems if you don’t know what their problems are? You’re not going to find out their problems by researching Google, the employers website or financial statements – those sources will give you last years’ problems.
  3. To learn what you target employer’s problems are, you need information from inside the company. Since you probably don’t have enough inside contacts, you need to make additional inside contacts and learn how to build trust with them, in order to get superior information.

  4. Understand The Hiring Process: Employers have lots of problems … some big, some small. Hiring managers make some problems priorities, other problems aren’t urgent … or maybe not even important. Some problems may not be urgent to your hiring manager, but might be urgent to someone else in the hiring process.
  5. If you’ve talked to (or met) people in the hiring process then you have the chance to learn about each person’s priorities. If you haven’t talked to them, you’re flying blind …

  6. Customize Your Resume: After you’ve gained superior information and after you’ve understood the hiring process about a specific employer, customize your resume. In this way, you can truly brand yourself as a superior candidate, because you’ve first made the effort to understand the employer’s problems and priorities, so you know what problems you’ve already solved … that the employer actually cares about.
  7. How many of these job search tactics are you using?


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