Career Advice From My Dad – Part 1

Mar 9 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

best career advice, best job search information, career advice, job search information, job search advice, job search help, job search tips, career information, career help, career tips, career info, job search infoThis article is in memory of my father, who passed away recently.

My Dad wasn’t a career coach – he was an Economics professor who taught at the same small college for almost his entire career. But for someone who lived in the world of academia, he had some amazing insight into the world of corporate careers.

He gave me some great career advice just after I started my first job. It wasn’t a long speech, as fathers are sometimes prone to giving their sons (raising my own hand and saying, “Guilty”). Dad just said, “Be indispensable.”

Such simple advice, but such complex implications.

Being indispensable doesn’t mean “do your job well.” There are plenty of people in an organization who do their job well. There are precious few people in an organization who are indispensable.

In the sports world, indispensable contributors are called “Franchise Players” – the most valuable player on the team.

best career advice, best job search information, career advice, job search information, job search advice, job search help, job search tips, career information, career help, career tips, career info, job search info

Being indispensable is being the man or woman your boss, your boss’s boss, and your company can’t do without. Seth Godin, the marketing/business guru, calls this type of person a Linchpin in his book of the same name .

But how can you be indispensable when you’re searching for a job?

You probably can’t actually be indispensable before you’ve been hired and started the job … but you can certainly make the impression to an employer that you are likely to be indispensable to them.

Here’s four ways to show an employer that you’ll be indispensable:

  1. Proof: Demonstrate how you’ve been indispensable to prior employers … give examples of indispensability. Back it up with a reference that will corroborate that you were a linchpin.
  2. Superior Personal Branding: An effective personal brand gives your employer the first impression – You can brand yourself as a superior candidate through an effective Personal Branding Statement Will you give a first impression of an indispensable superior candidate or a commodity?
  3. Been there, Done that: You can demonstrate that you’re indispensable by demonstrating that you’ve already solved your hiring manager’s priority problems, met their goals and broken through their roadblocks.
  4. Value: Practically every win you’ve had in your career has created value that can be measured monetarily, whether you’re an administrative assistant or CEO. What was the effect when you solved your target employer’s problems? If you increase revenues/increased profits/decreased costs by a significant dollar amount, it’s an attention grabber. If your solution created just $1 of value … not so much.

Take out your resume and look at it critically … where can you show that you’ve been indispensable?

Thanks Dad … I love you and miss you.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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