No Wonder You’re Confused About Your Job Search

Mar 15 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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Job search is confusing today.

There’s no one accepted set of rules, everyone tells you something different about job search.

If you ask 10 people about your job search, you’ll get 10 different answers … many of them conflicting.

And then if you read my articles on reCareered, you’ll find that my advice conflicts with just about everything else you’ve been told.

Here’s why you get different advice, and what to do about it.

Why you get different job search advice from everyone you ask:

There’s no universally accepted process for job search, so the people you ask reflect their own experiences – And different people have different experiences.

  1. If you ask job seekers or others who aren’t professionals in job search … you’ll get a random sampling of advice that each person felt worked for them.
  2. If you ask company recruiters, HR reps, or hiring managers, they’ll give you advice based on how they or their organizations hire. You’re getting an opinion based on a single company’s hiring practices.
  3. If you ask most career advisers, outplacement professionals or recruiters, you’ll get traditional job search advice … based on the old environment of candidate/skills shortages. Most haven’t adopted new job search tactics, because today’s market of job shortages is only a few years old. Before that, traditional search worked from WWII until 2007.

If you ask me (or read my articles or attend my webinars), you’ll quickly see that my advice conflicts with just about everyone else that you’ve asked.


Because I don’t use traditional job search methods – we’re not in the same job market traditional strategies were developed for. Instead, we’re in a job market of job shortages … so I recommend non-traditional job search strategies, designed to work in times of job shortages.

What should you do about all this conflicting advice?

I recommend that you listen carefully, taking into account each person’s background and experience in hiring. Candidates are poor job search advisers, especially those who have been searching for jobs for a while (If they had job search figured out, they’d be working).

Of the others, pick someone whose background has involved hiring for many different companies and whose advice sounds like it makes sense. Make sure this adviser focuses on job shortages, not shortages of candidates or skills.

Then use your gut … and stick with one adviser.

If you bounce between one strategy and others, you’ll end up confused and conflicted … and so will your resume.


Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy?

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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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