Dirty Rotten Job Search Tricks: Get past voice mail

Jun 4 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

best career advice, best job search information, career advice, job search information, job search advice, job search help, job search tips, career information, career help, career tips, career info, job search infoDo you like leaving voice mail messages?

Do you feel like they’re not even listened to, before your recipient hits delete?

After the 3rd or 4th time you get to someone’s voice mail and never seem to get a return call, you’re bound to be frustrated.

It’s easy to think … “If only I could get through to a live person on the other end” …

Recruiters are better at reaching hiring managers than you are.

Recruiters are trained to be experts in reaching people on the phone … especially people who are difficult to reach. It’s how recruiters make their living and it’s how recruiters can find candidates to work with.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll show you some of the tricks that recruiters use to be so effective in reaching hiring managers … so you can use them too.

It’s not genetic, reaching hard-to-reach people is a skill that can be taught.

I’ve taught dozens of rookie recruiters how to reach hard-to-reach people … and many of them weren’t rocket scientists. If I can teach those bozos, I can teach you.

Why not use some of the dirty rotten tricks recruiters use to get to hiring managers?

Here are 10 dirty rotten tricks recruiters use to get past voice mail and reach hiring managers:

  1. Press 0: Even if you’re not offered the choice on voice mail, press zero and you’ll likely be connected to a receptionist. If you’re lucky, you might be connected to the hiring manager’s admin – who might give you hints when you can reach the hiring manager, if you’re nice.
  2. Don’t ask for HR: If you get a live voice, don’t ask for HR. HR’s job is to keep you away from hiring managers, not help you reach them. Your goal should be to reach the hiring manager.
  3. Ask who the hiring manager is for ___ position: Some companies will give you the hiring manager’s name, or direct your call to the hiring manager’s VM, so you can get their name. Of course some companies might send you to HR, where you’re likely to get VM. It’s worth a shot.
  4. Surf: Some automated attendant systems have standard extensions for live help, or the IT help desk. Try 911, 411, 4357 (HELP), 1000, 1111, 5555 or 9999 as likely candidates for live help.
  5. Ask for sales:One of the amazing thing about sales departments, is they seem to always have a live body to answer the phone … somewhere in that department. Plus, they are usually very helpful (even if you’ve reached the wrong department), happy to redirect you to the right person or even provide information.
  6. Ask for Accounts Receivable: Accounts Receivable tends to answer their phones also, since they want to talk to people who owe them money. Strange how that works. Just ask for the hiring manager’s name, responsible for the specific job you’re interested in.
  7. Make it personal: If you get to the hiring manager’s assistant, or if anyone else asks you about the purpose of your call, candidates tend to freeze. You don’t want to say you’re calling about a job, or you’re in VM hell … or worse, HR. You don’t want to lie – even if you did, most people are lousy liars. So tell the truth and say “It’s a personal matter” – You’ll often get through and you won’t have to lie to get the hiring manager live. The call is personal … maybe not to the hiring manager, but it sure is personal to you.
  8. Call early: Calling between 7:00 – 8:00am gives you a better chance to reach a hiring manager in their office, not in meetings, without an admin to screen calls. Hiring managers often arrive early to avoid distractions, get through email and plan their day. It’s a great time to reach them, plus it gives the first impression that you’ve got the energy to be a morning person.
  9. Call late: Calling between 5:30pm – 6:00pm can help you reach hiring managers also. Typically, after 5:30pm the hiring manager is no longer protected by an admin, the day’s meetings are over, and the hiring manager is at their desk, preparing for the next day’s work. If you can get through to them, they aren’t preparing for a meeting starting in 10 minutes, so you’re more likely to get them engaged in a deeper conversation.
  10. Call at lunch: Some hiring managers eat at their desk many days – but their admins don’t.

Use these dirty rotten recruiter tricks to get through to hiring managers more often.


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