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Jul 10 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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How many times have you thought – If only I can get the hiring manager to read my resume …

So what do you do?

If you send your resume to HR, you’re at the mercy of an Applicant Tracking System. If you send your resume to the hiring manager, you’re screened by the hiring manager’s admin (who’s directed to send all resumes to HR).

How can you get past this Catch-22?

Here’s this week’s Dirty Rotten Job Search Trick … FedEx

FedEx can work in a number of ways to get your resume in front of the hiring manager, rather than just sent to HR for screening. FedEx can be a sure-fire trick to get a decision maker’s attention, long used by sales people.

Here’s 6 tips on using FedEx to get your resume seen by the “right” person:

  1. Find the right person: FedEx isn’t free and it’s not cheap. Do your research first to find out the name, and title of the actual hiring manager. Don’t expect that if the wrong person gets it, your resume will be forwarded to the decision maker. Rather, if it’s forwarded at all, expect that it will be forwarded to HR, where it will go into the ATS. If you wanted your resume to be submitted into the ATS, there are much easier and less expensive ways to accomplish this.
  2. Use the full & exact address: Make sure your research includes finding the actual and full mailing address of the actual hiring manager. Don’t just send to the main HQ address – many large employers have sub addresses, or departments within a main campus. Including the full address not only insures that your FedExed resume will get to the right person – Including the full address increases the chances your resume will get read, rather than screened first by the hiring manager’s admin.
  3. Lead with a quick email: Send the hiring manager an email early in the morning (by early, I mean 6:00 am), letting the hiring manager know to expect your FedEx. Don’t spill the beans by telling the hiring manager your resume will be in the FedEx – that will just give the hiring manager reason to warn the admin to intercept and send to HR. Instead, just make the hiring manager aware of the FedEx you sent, giving an expected delivery time and tracking number.
  4. Research, research, research: If you’re going to invest $10-20 on delivery, are you really going to send the same old resume you send to everybody else? Why not do some research first, by talking to people inside the company, learning about the hiring manager’s priority problems, so you can send a resume that shows how you’ve already solved similar problems to what the hiring manager faces today. When the hiring manager opens your FedEx, you’re the solution to the manager’s problems, rather than just another resume (to be sent to HR).
  5. Be extremely selective: FedEx will cost you $10-20 for each resume you send, so be selective. Use this tactic only for employers where you’ve developed inside information, there’s a great fit and where you can clearly demonstrate that you’ve already solved problems that are similar to the hiring manager’s priority problems.
  6. Follow up: Why spend all that money on FedEx if you’re not going to follow up? Call early in the morning after your FedEx is delivered. To get through the decision maker’s admin, mention that you’re calling to discuss a FedEx the decision maker received yesterday. Don’t use the words “Follow Up”, which may be valuable for you, but calling just to follow up provides no value to the hiring manager and reduces the chance they’ll take your call.

A word of caution – use this tactic when you really want to get to the hiring manager and when you’re already well prepared.

This isn’t a good last ditch efforts strategy, as a desperate attempt to get your target hiring manager’s attention. Using FedEx as a final effort or even sending your standard resume won’t accomplish more than emptying your wallet and frustrating your job search further.

Instead, make this your first best effort but only after you’ve already invested time into gaining superior information and individually customizing your resume.


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