Dirty Rotten Job Search Tricks: Speak to a human

Jul 16 2012 in Featured, Hiring Managers, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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Frustrated because you’re trying to talk to a human, but all you can reach is yet another voice mail?

Are you to the point of wondering if anyone really works at the target company you’re trying to reach?

This week’s Dirty Rotten Job Search Trick column shows you how to get to a real live, honest-to-God human. Yes, they do exist.

How much do you like leaving messages on voice mail? Especially, when those messages are not returned?

If this is happening to you, you have 3 choices:

  • Keep leaving voice mail messages, hoping that one day they’ll be returned
  • Give up on the target company or target contact
  • Try a different approach

Let’s explore the 3rd option in greater detail, trying a different approach.

One of the reasons you’re not getting through to hiring manager or information sources (target contacts) is because of caller ID. Today, most business phone systems have caller ID, either built into the phone base or connected through the target contact’s PC.

The entire reason for businesses to use Caller ID is to screen calls. Chances are, when you’re trying to call your target contact, they’re in the middle of something – they’re busy. You target contact hasn’t been sitting around all day, waiting for your call.

Last month, I published “Dirty Rotten Job Search Tricks: Get past voice mail” at http://www.recareered.com/blog/2012/06/04/dirty-rotten-job-search-tricks-get-past-voice-mail/ , discussing some ways to get around that (including call early, call late and 8 other Dirty Rotten Job Search Tricks). Today’s article is a continuation, offering a different tactic.

Back to Caller ID … One of the tricks a caller ID system features is to show your target contact if a call is inside the company, or outside. Most caller ID systems will show a name of an internal company caller, or show a phone number with listed caller ID info of an outside caller. This feature encourages your target contact to be more likely to accept an internal call, since it’s likely a in internal company issue, needing your target contact’s attention. In other words, acting on internal calls are more likely a part of your target contact’s day to day responsibilities … so they are more likely to answer.

Outside calls, on the other hand, unless they come from a recognized name or number, are typically viewed as lower importance, not an emergency, less likely to be part of the target contact’s day-to-day responsibility, and more likely to be calls that they don’t have to return. In addition, outside calls are more likely from vendors, and if unrecognized, cold calls where the target contact has little/no experience with the vendor.

Keep in mind that your target contact is probably very busy and probably gets hundreds of calls and voice mails per day … many times more calls than they could possibly return, while still doing their job.

Since your target is more likely to answer an internal call than an external call, how can you make your external call look like an internal one?

Get it transferred … call a different person within the company, one likely to answer the call, ask for your target contact by name and ask to be transferred. Your target contact’s caller ID will show up as an internal call, when the person from elsewhere in the company calls to ask if the target contact will accept the call.

So for today’s Dirty Rotten Job Search Trick, here’s a source where you can find a live person to answer your call at 8,000 companies. It’s called gethuman.com, where you can reach customer service for a widening list of companies.

Gethuman.com’s website explains:

” As individuals, large companies can ignore and frustrate us …

Raise your hand if you’ve waited on hold before, or spent time listening to options in the phone maze that don’t relate to the problem you’re having. Or if you’ve had a complaint about a service that you’re paying a lot of money for, and felt like nobody was listening. Or if you’ve been unsure about which company to buy a product from because it’s not clear which is going to treat you better.

You are not alone. And you don’t have to go unheard anymore.”

You can also use gethuman.com to ask for a transfer to your target contact.

So back to your options … which one will you take?

  • Keep leaving voice mail messages, hoping that one day they’ll be returned
  • Give up on the target company or target contact
  • or

  • Try a different approach

Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy?

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