Dirty Rotten Job Search Tricks: Become A Shareholder

Jul 23 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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How many times have you thought: “If only I could get to the hiring manager … ” or “If only I could get to an information source in my target company … ”

Who says you can’t?

One problem candidates face is that the hiring managers and information sources you seek are busy people. They can’t take every call they get or they would get their job done. In the same light, they can’t return many of the hundreds of emails and voicemails they get each day, or they wouldn’t get their jobs done.

So they set up processes to prescreen calls and emails. To get to the hiring managers and information sources you’re trying to reach, you’ll have to deal with call screening, voicemail and email screening.

Of course, the hiring managers and information sources you’re trying to reach are busy people – otherwise they wouldn’t have the information or hiring authority to interest you.

But whose calls do hiring managers and information sources always return?

… a call from their boss.

So, if you were able to act like a hiring manager or information source’s boss, it might be easier to get past all the pre-screens … or at least have your call returned.

What if you didn’t have to act? What if you could actually be your target hiring manager and information source’s boss … for less than $30?

You can … just buy stock in your target company. Seriously … become a shareholder. You don’t have to buy a million shares, or even 100.

Just one’ll do ya.

You can buy a share in most companies for under $30/share. You might need to be very selective in using this strategy with certain companies … both Google and Apple currently trade at over $600/share.

Plus, once you’ve gotten the information (or meeting) you need, you can always sell your stock, so your final cost is a few bucks to buy & sell the stock, plus any drop in share price (or less any gains) while you held the stock. Since you’re probably talking about holding the stock for just a few months, your risk of loss is low. It’s unusual that you could lose more than $10, including the transaction costs – That’s less than FedEx’ing.

But why buy your target company’s stock? Owning a single share of stock makes you an owner of the company.

But once you’ve purchased stock, how do you approach the hiring manager or information source?

  • What to say: Say you’re a shareholder, ask for a meeting. If asked why, say you’d like to learn more about the hiring manager’s (or information source’s) department. Period.
  • What voicemail message to leave: Say you’re a shareholder and you have a couple of questions – Leave your number. Keep it short & sweet so you don’t give the hiring manager/information source a reason to say no.
  • Don’t ask for a job: After you go through all this, why would you immediately ask for a job? If you want to look like a desperate candidate and get your ticket punched for the express train to HR, go ahead.
  • Don’t bring a resume: If you bring a resume, you get sent to HR and look desperate. Plus, if you stated you had questions but instead ask for a job, you’re not being honest with the hiring manager/information source.
  • What to ask: Ask questions … uncover information. You want to learn what problems the hiring manager is working on, what are the departments’ goals, problems, roadblocks, challenges, opportunities. If you ask “what are your biggest problems” directly, you probably won’t get much information. Use what you know about the company to ask questions that will uncover problems.

This isn’t a guarantee … but then again what is a guarantee in job search? There’s no magic pill in job search.

This is another tactic to try that will work with some companies, but not with others.

Obviously, while this can work for public companies, it’s not a guarantee – it won’t work for all. Additionally, this won’t work for private companies.


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