Qualified vs Best Candidate For The Job

Aug 7 2012 in Featured, reCareered Blog, Resumes by Phil Rosenberg

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When you apply for jobs that you’re qualified for, how often do you get an interview?

Always, often, sometimes or occasionally, or rarely?

If you’re like most candidates you’re rarely getting interviews, even for job’s you’re well qualified for. The average candidate gets interviews for less than 2% of the resumes sent.

Why do you think you get so few interviews, compared to your efforts?

If you’re trying to show an employer that you’re qualified, you’re trying to show them the wrong thing. In today’s job market, demonstrating that you’re qualified makes you average.

Average used to be good enough before 2007, when the job market featured candidate shortages. Now that we have job shortages, average isn’t good enough … neither is qualified.

Qualified is fine if there’s just a few qualified candidates that apply. But what happens when there are many qualified candidates?

That’s what you find today in almost every job you apply for. Why?

Job Shortages + Mass Job Competition = Many Qualified Candidates

When you’re merely qualified, it’s just not enough to get you noticed today. The mass competition for jobs in today’s job market means that you need to assume that there are many qualified candidates besides you all vying for the job.

Being qualified used to make you special. Now it not enough to make sure your resume is even seen by human eyes.

Best Candidate For The Job:

What’s different when you make a target employer realize you’re the best candidate for the job?

When you show the hiring manager that you’ve already solved their primary problems, you get noticed as the best candidate for the job.


That’s exactly why a hiring manager is looking for a new employees … to solve their primary problems.

So when you appear as the best candidate for the job, your resume makes it through the applicant tracking system and human pre-screens. Your resume gets seen. You get invited to interview and you have the chance to be a leading candidate.

So why have we been taught to describe ourselves as qualified, instead of describing ourselves as the best candidate for the job?

You can’t write one resume that will describe you as the best candidate for the job that will work for more than one employer. Each employer and each hiring manager have different problems and priorities. The best candidate for employer #1 will be different than for employer #2, even for the same job title.

… And we’ve been taught to write a single resume, using the same (or one with minor changes) resume to apply for each and every job. And when you’re using the same resume for all the jobs you apply for, the best you can do is to describe yourself as qualified.

When there were many jobs and a candidate shortages, you could search randomly and describe yourself as merely qualified. Since there were candidate shortages and when employers received far fewer resumes, they were happy just to get a choice of a couple of candidates who met most of the criteria.

So describing yourself as qualified worked … then.

But in today’s job environment of job shortages and mass competition, wouldn’t you rather describe yourself as the best candidate for the job?


Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy?

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