Change Up Your Job Search This Labor Day – Part 1

Sep 3 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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Happy Labor Day everyone!

Why not do something about your own labor issues this Labor Day?

Labor Day was originally intended to honor union workers, then the majority of the American workforce.

But today, Labor Day honors all American workers, union and non-union alike. While American employers no longer promote the sweatshop conditions of 100 years ago, the modern worker faces different types of labor issues …

… finding a good job in a reasonable time.

So rather than spending the entire day relaxing and barbequing, why not also spend some of your day rethinking your job search?

Most of your job search tactics stem from what you were taught when you graduated college (or high school) by your college placement office (or guidance counselors). Even what community, government, church and alumni resources teach is still based on the basic game plan from your college placement office. Same with outplacement, as well as many recruiters, career authors and coaches.

You may hear the same job search “rules of thumb” repeated over and over, but they’re old, stale, and developed for the pre-2007 job market of candidate shortages.

Why not update your job search to reflect today’s job market of job shortages?

Here’s how to start:

  1. Identify Roadblocks:
  2. What are your biggest problem areas?

    • Are you having problems just getting started?
    • Are you having problems getting enough interviews?
    • Are your networking efforts bearing fruit?
    • Are recruiters contacting and presenting you for opportunities?
    • Are you having problems moving forward from the initial interview?
    • Are you a finalist, but can’t convert to job offers?
    • Are you able to negotiate a high enough salary to meet your needs/expectations?
  3. Try new job search tactics:

Labor Day started as a way for union leaders to discuss labor issues with workers, using parades, speeches, fairs and food to help improve work conditions.

Today, you’re less likely to be represented by a union … so you’ve got to improve your own work conditions. This means either changing jobs, or finding a job in the toughest job market in our lifetimes.

The biggest reason your job search is so difficult is that employers look for different things, make different hiring decisions and even employ different processes now that they no longer have candidate shortages.

Today’s article describes common problems job seekers face in today’s job market of job shortages and the first steps to take to change your job search, bringing it up to date with today’s employer practices.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of Change Up Your Job Search This Labor Day.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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