Change Up Your Job Search This Labor Day – Part 2

Sep 4 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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This is Part 2 of an article about how you can use the week including Labor Day to do something about your own labor issues … finding a job.

You may the same outdated, stale, pre-2007 job search “rules of thumb” repeated over and over – they’re based on a job market of candidate shortages, rather than today’s market of job shortages.

The solution to many of your own labor problems can be found by updating your job search to reflect today’s job market of job shortages.

Yesterday, we identified typical job search problems and gave 4 solutions at .

Here’s 5 more solutions to your labor woes:

  1. Change How You Work With Recruiters: You’ll find that if you expect recruiters to work for you, you’ll always be disappointed. Recruiters work for the party that pays them, which equals NOT YOU. On the flip side, when you start making recruiters believe that you’re working for them, all of a sudden, they start looking out for your interests also. See for details.
  2. Stop Working With The Wrong Recruiters: If recruiters aren’t returning your calls or emails and if they’re not presenting you for opportunities on a regular basis, you’re working with the wrong recruiters (see – How do you know who the right recruiters are? You’ll want to find recruiters that specialize in your niche. These recruiters call you (or email) you back and present you for opportunities on a regular basis because they place hundreds of opportunities in you niche for dozens of employers each year. These recruiters don’t call you back because they are polite or professional – They call you back because they’ve got a good chance of making a placement commission from every candidate in their niche and you’re one of ’em.
  3. Sop Being Qualified – Start Being Superior: Being qualified isn’t even enough to get you an interview these days, because there are many qualified candidates. So why would you think that being qualified would get you into additional rounds. When hiring managers see many qualified candidates, they all look the same … unmemorable, a commodity. Hiring managers remember the superior candidates typically choosing superior candidates for later interview rounds. Most hiring managers view the candidates who have already solved similar problems to what the hiring manager faces and candidates who have delivered significant value to their past employers as superior. See .
  4. Deliver What Each Of Your Audiences Are Looking For: If you’re the finalist that never gets the job, you’re probably not meeting the needs of at least one of your audiences. Most candidates write a resume for the hiring manager, but that’s only one of your audiences. Other audiences influence if you get an interview, get an ask back, or get the job. See .
  5. Delay Salary Discussions And Info:
    The earlier salary is discussed, the worse it is for you. This is one of the reasons many companies ask you for salary information up front. This practice puts pressure on you to answer the question with low salary expectations, so you’ll stay in consideration. If you cave and play into the game early on, just try to negotiate a higher salary at the end. When you answered the question, you set a ceiling, not a floor to a future salary negotiation. If you ask for more than what you answered early in the interview process, you tell the employer one of two things: 1) You originally lied about salary expectations; or 2) You suddenly became more valuable during the interview process. See more about salary negotiations at .

We’re entering the busiest hiring months of the year – September and October. Hiring managers recognize that finance departments might slow or put hiring on hold in November and December.

Use the above 5 tips to help you change your job search, upgrading your tactics to match what works with today’s employers.

You’ll find the first article for today’s job search tips in yesterday’s article, at .


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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