5 Ways You Treat Others Just Like Recruiters Treat You

Sep 11 2012 in Featured, reCareered Blog, Recruiters by Phil Rosenberg

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In the Q&A portion of my Resume Revolution webinars (http://ResumeWebinar.com), my Career Central Linkedin group and reCareered’s Facebook page, I see job seekers complain about how they are treated by employers, recruiters and HR reps.

The number one complaint I hear is the lack of response. You dislike that you’re left hanging by employers, recruiters and HR reps. You’re frustrated that you can’t get feedback why you weren’t chosen for the job. You’re upset that your submission is rarely even acknowledged by most companies.

I get it … it can be so frustrating as a candidate, not knowing what you’re doing wrong (or right), not knowing if your resume is even read, not knowing if you’re still in consideration.

You’ve called this lack of communication impolite and unprofessional, regretting that employers no longer practice “common courtesy”. You can’t understand why employers can’t take a few minutes to just get back to you.

Response to my earlier article “Why Doesn’t HR (Recruiters & Hiring Managers) Follow Up?” include these candidate comments posted on Linkedin’s Career Central group:

“Phil…it takes 10 seconds or less to hit reply and say the job has been filled. Form emails are fine. Just tell us so that we do not waste OUR time on a dead end and move on to another item. This self important attitude is one if the reasons I would rather have root canal with no drugs then deal with most contingency recruiters.” – J.S.

“You’d owe at least a courteous reply to all applicants. It doesn’t have to be long, but it’s better than nothing and really doesn’t cost anything in this day of email automation. Courtesy rules above all else. ROI can’t beat courtesy. Some things are more important than money.” – K.J.

Do you feel this way too?

Are you upset with the lack of response you’re given by recruiters, HR reps and employers?

Would you be surprised to learn that you do much the same thing?

Yep, I’ll bet you’re giving others the exact same treatment as the complaints about employers, recruiters and HR reps.

“Of course not”, you say. You pride yourself on your politeness, your professionalism and your belief in the age old traditions of common courtesy.

So for all of you complaining about recruiter treatment, here are 5 examples of how you’re treating others just like recruiters treat you:

  1. Car Salespeople: Do you call the GM, Ford, Toyota and Nissan salesperson to let them know you’ve decided on a Honda?
  2. Insurance Agents: Do you call insurance agents back to let them know you’re not in the market for insurance or happy with your current provider?
  3. Telephone Marketers:Do you take their phone call? Or do you hide behind caller ID and voice mail?
  4. Credit Card companies: These are people just trying to earn a living who are reaching out to you. Are you polite to them, or do you ignore them?
  5. Mortgage Brokers: Do you talk to them, or blow them off, hoping they’ll get the hint?

So let’s get this straight: It’s disrespectful for HR reps, recruiters and employers to avoid getting back to you … but it’s perfectly understandable for you to blow off Car Salespeople, Insurance agents, Telephone marketers, Credit Card Companies, Mortgage brokers or sales people representing stuff you don’t want?

Does it make more sense when you realize that you’re the stuff that non-responsive HR reps, recruiters and employers don’t want?

When you call and email a recruiter, HR Rep or employer multiple times, looking for feedback, closure, or an answer … you appear to them just like the annoying telesales person that calls you every other night “… about the deal of a lifetime on timeshares in Florida!”

Why should you expect recruiters HR reps and employers to feel any differently about you?

Maybe you’re starting to understand the lack of response you get as a candidate. Karma’s kind of a bitch, isn’t it?

However, for those of you who are still upset about how recruiters treat you, here are some more responses from the Career Central group on Linkedin:

“I don’t expect a notice from just the application- who knows how many applied? HOWEVER when you get to the in person stage– it is usually a small number– less than 10 maybe. Worse if they tell you are one of 4 or 5 and can’t be sent a form email? It is unprofessional at that stage to NOT send a notice.” – T.D.

“It’s about courtesy. Etiquette today has morphed into something ugly in today’s business world. I share the exact same frustrations others mention. Employers and recruiters who can not take the time to reply run the risk of it backfiring in many ways. All in all, everyone pays the price of this behavior somewhere down the road. It’s a pity that value systems, moral beliefs, principles, opinions, and the almighty $$ fragment just being plain considerate.” – R.J.

“I don’t think one can rationalize or offer up excuses for the lack of responses from either employers or HR folks, especially after 3 -4 contacts. If I did not follow-up with my customers, as an account manager, in a timely manner, I would not have a business for long. I always extended respect even to my lower sales prospects not just the Whales. It shows a lack of respect for your time, your abilities, and lack of common courtesy.” – D.M.

“Frankly there is no good reason for not following up with any candidate. This is a total lack of professional behavior. It does not matter what role or job a candidate is interviewing for. HR is one of the public faces of any company and as such needs to conduct itself in a professional manner at all times through the hiring process.” – J.C.

“Bottom line, we are experiencing a lack of good manners and polite consideration of others pretty much everywhere in our lives. Why do we think job hunting would be immune?” – G.B.

“Why do employers solicit hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a position when they can’t even begin to give each one even a minimal review? If they are overwhelmed with resumes and only hiring networked individuals, they shouldn’t bother posting on the job boards.” – D.S.

“I think it is rude for a company not to respond after you went to an interview. But I notice the companies that do not respond are also the companies that are advertising the same job two months later again. They don’t value you as a person and don’t value you as an employee.” – R.S.

“The amount of rudeness that has permeated our society is appalling. This is just another example.” – D.G.

“Excuses are wearing a little thin when it come to not hearing from a company that has taken the time to interview you. If they were interested enough to take the time and make the investment to interview you then they should take the time to follow up. There is no excuse for the lack of courtesy or even the shabby manner that candidates are treated.” – L.T.

“So, you’re saying the time I spend on the phone with a recruiter prior to being submitted for a position is worth less than recruiter’s? Please let me know where to send my invoice when I wind up basically training a recruiter on the difference between a clinical affairs manager versus a clinical data manager.” – R.P.

“What I’ve found from recruiters is the blatant lies. I’ll contact you every 10 days or so to keep you posted on what’s going on in the job market and then you never get a call. Why even say that, it’s much like the hot girl you meet at the bar and she says she’s going to call and never does. You hold out hope but ultimately you know she’s not calling.” – J.P.

“There is no excuses for a recruiter/interviewer not to follow-up with a candidate. Very often a candidate has spent numerous phone interviews, not to mention his own expenses to get to the company’s location for the face to face conversations. Add that to the various delays and weeks of dead zone non contact by the company as they “review” other applicants it is not only unprofessional, it lacks simple courtesy.” – M.M.

So … Feel better now that you’ve vented?


Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy?

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