Dirty Rotten Job Search Tricks: How to find email addresses

Oct 4 2012 in Featured, Networking/Social Networking, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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If you’ve read a few of my past articles, you’ve seen that I suggest that you can gain access to more opportunities when you have superior information.

You’ve also seen that in order to brand yourself as a superior candidate (rather than as a commodity) you need to gain access to superior information.

Many of you think that you’ve found superior information – When, in fact, the information you’re using is publicly available. Worse … it’s obsolete.

This is some of the information that almost every one of you use to show employers that you meet their requirements:

  • Google
  • Employer website
  • Public company financials

All of these are public information – no matter how great you think you are at searching Google, it’s public. But public information is obsolete, describing problems that an employer has already solved. Employers almost never discuss current problems and efforts in articles and interviews, because it could be damaging to let their current issues, efforts and solutions become public information (exception: PR crises). Few employers want everyone (including competitors, investors, or customers) to know what they are doing right now and the challenges they face in the near future.

You also use job descriptions – Job descriptions are public and obsolete information too (see “Never Trust A Job Description – 6 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Are Obsolete” at http://recareered.com/blog/2012/07/26/never-trust-a-job-description-6-reasons-why-job-descriptions-are-obsolete/ ).

Superior information is private – found inside the company

So why don’t you use superior information found inside the employer in your job search?

It probably comes down to one of three reasons:

  • You don’t want to spend the time to find inside information
  • You don’t know anyone at that employer
  • You don’t know how to reach the right people at the employer

Today’s dirty rotten job search secret will help you reach the right people at the employers you target, by showing you how recruiters find email addresses.

Let’s say you’re trying to reach a hiring manager named Bob Jones for a job you’re seeking at XYZ company, but you don’t have Bob’s email address.

Here’s how recruiters find email addresses:

Step 1 Call: Call XYZ and get through to a human. Mention that you’ve spoken to Bob Jones and that you’d like to email him a thank you note. If you can get through to a human, this tactic can work. If Step 1 doesn’t work, on to Step 2.

Step 2: Search for other employee’s email addresses:

    • Website: Look at XYZ’s website or financial statements (for public companies) for an email address of any employee. Forget the generic email addresses like info@XYZ.com – they won’t help.
    • Google: Search Google for “@XYZ.com” or email and XYZ, Look for any email addresses from an employee of XYZ company. Check company articles or press releases for email addresses.
    • Linkedin: See if you have any 1st level Linkedin connections from XYZ – You should be able to see an email on the profile of your 1st level Linkedin connections. If you can’t find company email addresses, from your 1st level connections, search Linkedin for XYZ company and look at XYZ’s company page and surf through employees to see if any list email addresses. Use Linkedin’s advance search to search for employees – look through employee profiles to see if any list email addresses.

Step 3: Follow the email address structure, and just replace the name. For example: If the email you found is Jenny.Smith@XYZ.com, the email you’re looking for is probably Bob.Jones@XYZ.com, Robert.Jones@XYZ.com, or Rob.Jones@XYZ.com.

Now that you’ve got this week’s dirty rotten job search secret at your disposal, you have few excuses to avoid trying to reach people within your target companies.

Unless you’re still using the excuse that you don’t want to spend the time …


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