Why Are Romney And Obama Both Running On Socialist Platforms?

Oct 23 2012 in Employment Economy, Featured, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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For starters, this article isn’t for one candidate, nor against the other – this is intended to be a bi-partisan discussion (pretty rare these days, no?).

I don’t incorporate my political views into my articles, because I write about you and your job search. My articles are not a soapbox for my opinions. Enough of the disclaimer …

It seems interesting to me that both candidates are running on ideals and promises that are inherently Socialist – yes, both of them.

Ok, it’s an obvious question – Obama and Romney can’t seem to agree on anything, so how could these two great Americans both be making campaign promises that are inherently Socialist? On the exact same stage?

Better yet, how could any American Presidential candidate make Socialist promises?

You’d be surprised that they do it all the time … and the American people want them to. Presidential candidates have learned that they can win elections by building Socialist policies into their platforms, so almost all of them have and continue to make these types of campaign pledges.

This isn’t a new phenomenon … these promises have been made by candidates of both parties since before the Cold War. And it’s not just limited to Presidential candidates – Candidates for Senate and Congress all make these promises.

So what Socialist plot is being promised by all of these candidates?

Job Creation …

In a Capitalist society, businesses create jobs, not governments. One of the core beliefs of democratic governments is that the free market creates jobs.

However, there are other forms of societies where government does create jobs. These are Socialist and Communist governments, with central planning committees that decide on what is produced, who produces them and allocates resources necessary for production – including labor. Because one of the cornerstones of Socialist/Communist governments is centralized planning of production, that style of government controls job creation.

The only jobs democracies are supposed to create are government jobs. So the only way that governments can create significant numbers of government jobs, enough to turn long lasting unemployment around, is to pass massive and long stimulus plan, one about the size and duration of FDR’s New Deal. Before all the Romney fans start screaming, the New Deal consisted of 2 huge government spending plans, each 4 times the size of Obama’s stimulus, and lasted for a decade. Right after the New Deal plans ended, it took spending even more than that in WWII for the US to resurrect our economic engine.

Guess what FDR’s detractors called him? That’s right, they called FDR a Socialist. He was called a Socialist because he used government intervention to create jobs.

I think the core problem we have is that when things don’t go according to plan, we Americans want someone to fix it … fast. When it can’t be fixed, we want someone to blame. While the real blame is business and a capitalist society, it’s not just one point of responsibility.

So who do we call on to fix it, to be the one point of responsibility?

We expect our President and government leaders to be this point of responsibility, because we want to believe that’s where the buck stops.

… And we end up believing when our Presidential, Senatorial and Congressional candidates promise job creation that they can’t deliver or control.

While Capitalism gives each of us the chance to maximize our personal potential and reach our dreams, it’s notoriously difficult to control by government. Our government can’t deliver job creation because Capitalist economies don’t practice central planning – we depend on business to create almost all of the jobs out there.

Fortunately, business tends to move in cycles that have always reversed recessions into prosperity eventually, no matter what methods our government uses to try and direct the speed of recovery. Because it’s almost never government intervention that reverses recessions … it’s almost always industry and innovation.

All of the tax and trade policies that candidates promise are like ants trying to move a mountain … they might eventually do it, but it could take decades. Government can sometimes nudge it, at best, but can’t control the economy or the job market.

That’s too slow for most of us – we want to believe that someone out there is driving the bus. Instead there are many people pulling the bus in different directions … like a 3 dimensional game of tug-of-war.

I don’t know about you, but I’m betting on industry to turn around the job market … not a Presidential candidate. Because whether your favorite Socialist candidate is Romney or Obama, neither one of them will (or can) create enough jobs to turn around our struggling job market.

There are plenty of important differences between Obama and Romney and we should all exercise our vote for the candidate that best represents our beliefs, especially in such a close race.

Just don’t be fooled into thinking that either one can make a significant effect on the job market, unless you like calling your neighbors Comrade.


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