Job Search Answers: I Know Someone At The Company, What Should I Do?

Oct 30 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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At the end of my Resume Revolution complimentary webinars (enroll at, I open up the floor to job search questions … from you.

This was an interesting job search question asked by A.B. during a recent webinar:

“I know someone at the company, should I contact them? Should I ask about job openings?”

That’s a great question A.B. …

You should definitely contact the person you know at the employer. The real question is … what you should you say to that contact?

One thing you definitely shouldn’t ask …

Don’t waste your contact’s time by asking if there are any job openings – Job openings are posted on the employer’s website. Plus most employers have policies requiring employees and hiring managers to direct candidates to the HR department.

So what should you ask your employer contact?

Here’s 3 things you should ask your employer contacts

  1. Information: The best thing your contact can do for you is to give you information about the employer and hiring manager. You’ll want to learn what the hiring manager’s problems are, so you can structure your resume to show the hiring manager that you’ve solved similar issues.
  2. Information Sources: Your contact might not be able to give you much useful information … he/she might not be in the hiring manager’s department or know the hiring manager. In this case, your contact can provide help by introducing you to an information source close to the hiring manager – someone who knows the hiring manager’s problems.
  3. Introductions: There are two types of introductions that can be valuable to you … and one that won’t help you at all. The introductions you really want are:
    • Information Sources: Discussed above – Someone who knows the hiring manager’s problems.
    • Hiring Manager: Most candidates ask for this first. Hold your horses, bukko. You’ll be for more effective and make a much better impression if you find inside contacts who can give you information first.
    • And here’s the introduction you want to avoid like the plague:

    • HR Managers, Inside Recruiters and HR Staff: Human Resource’s job isn’t to help you. HR’s job is to keep you away from hiring managers and to screen out resumes that don’t meet criteria. Why waste asking your connection to introduce you to someone in HR?

Contacting someone that you know at an employer can make a huge difference in your job search.

Depending on who you ask and what you ask, contacting someone you know at an employer can either be the thing that gets you the job … or gets you nowhere.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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