It Doesn’t Matter To Your Job Search Who Wins The Election

Nov 6 2012 in Employment Economy, Featured, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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It doesn’t matter whether Obama or Romney wins the election tonight … to your job search.

Neither one is going to find you a job, help you get a job or make it easier for you to land your next job.

Presidents don’t create jobs, nor do they fix job markets.

It’s a damn shame that the job market is in such a mess it’s become the central issue of both candidates’ campaigns … because the job market can’t be controlled or even influenced very much by the President. Yet, you can bet that whoever’s in office when the job market turns around will take total credit for job creation.

Congress doesn’t even have much effect on the job market when it’s working – what little effect it has is felt many years later. (OK, if Congress decides on political hare-kari and puts government into a standstill because it won’t pass a spending bill, then it can lose jobs … by self-destructing).

There’s only one person out there who’s going to make the job market better for you … and that’s you.

Government isn’t going to find you a job, business isn’t going to find you a job, your church won’t find you a job and neither will your alumni association.

It’s up to you to find yourself your next job.

This makes job seekers uncomfortable, because many who have had a frustrating job search are looking for someone to blame … anyone but themselves.

Yes, the job market is terrible …
Yes, it’s the most competitive job market in our lifetimes …
Yes, the rules have all changed …
Yes, the things that worked before don’t seem to work anymore …

And the President can’t change any of that, no matter which one gets elected tonight.

Hopefully, the job market will improve over the next 4 years. But when it improves, it will be regardless of who’s in the Oval Office. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the job market to improve to change your own job search success.

Only you can change your own circumstances …

The job market sucks … does that mean conducting your job search in a similar way to past job searches (when the job market was strong) will still work? That’s how most of your job searches look, even though you don’t realize it. To most job seekers, using Linkedin is their job search innovation – but in today’s job market, Linkedin isn’t innovative anymore, it’s standard and expected.

You can change your circumstances by adapting, by changing your tactics to a changed job market. You can change your chances of finding a good job by increasing your research on target companies, gaining superior information, branding yourself as a superior candidate, heavily customizing resumes, killing cover letters and dropping dependence on job boards.

Both Romney and Obama present very different views about many issues. The one position they both seem to agree on (that they’ll each create jobs) is the one that Presidents can’t accomplish. Perhaps one of the most important things either will effect are the Supreme Court Justice choices they make during the next term.

So go out today and vote for the candidate you think is best …

… Just don’t make your Presidential vote about jobs, because neither candidate will affect the job market in a significant way.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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