Jupiter & Mars In Alignment – Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Search For A New Job

Nov 8 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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OK, so neither Jupiter nor Mars have anything to do with your job search and it’s not the dawning of the Age of Aquarius either.

But it’s still the perfect time to search for a job … right now.

Yeah, I know you’re reluctant to search for a job in November & December, for other than holiday retail jobs. You’ve heard that hiring slows around the holidays, because of vacations and distractions of the holiday seasons.

None of that’s true.

You don’t have to settle for a holiday retail job and put your job search on hold. Or if you’re currently working, you don’t have to put your job search on hold until the first of the year … in fact, I recommend that you don’t.

There’s a “perfect storm” of issues that make right now your best chance to find a job.

But hang on there Nellie … This doesn’t mean we’re back to the good old days of candidate shortages, where you could sling any old resume, job search randomly, and if you slung enough resumes you’d find a decent job. Sorry, but those days no longer exist and they may not exist for many years, if ever.

But if you’re using the up-to-date, non-traditional job search techniques that I teach, this could be your best time to search for a job in years because the planets are aligning.

Here’s 3 reasons why now is the perfect time to search for a new job:

  1. 3rd Quarter Profits: Here’s a dirty secret (Pssst … Hiring slowdowns in November and December have nothing to do with the holidays. They have everything to do with poor 3rd Quarter financial results). Most employers are on a calendar year end, so the 3rd Quarter ends on 9/30 and financial results are published in late October/early November. Then the finance and budget folks recalculate numbers to engineer results to the profit numbers promised – the greatest way they can offset poor results is to delay hiring. However, during profitable years, hiring doesn’t slow and hiring managers realize that they have until 12/31 to hire candidates, or risk losing approval for the position.
  2. So in good years, November and December can be the busiest hiring months of the year, as hiring managers scramble to fill open positions by year end. When I was a recruiter, during years of strong 3rd Quarter results, no one took time off during the holidays … we were making bank, because employers were desperate to fill open slots.

    Read the papers – 3rd quarter profitability is coming in strong for most companies this year. This means lots of November/December hiring.

  3. Uncertainty Is Over: If you noticed that hiring seemed to slow considerably in September and October, you’re not imaging things. It was especially frustrating in light of falling unemployment numbers, only to see that the opportunities you were working on seemed to drag out more than expected. This was due to overall uncertainty in business that was just solved. Many businesses were waiting to make their plans going forward based on how the federal government shutdown played out.
  4. … Which means that the delayed hiring over the past couple of months – is now over.

  5. Pent-Up Hiring Demand: Put #1 & #2 above together and mix … here’s what you get. September and October, normally some of the busiest hiring months, instead showed delayed hiring due to uncertainty about the government. Now that uncertainty is over, and you’ve opened the floodgates for hiring. Finally, add in strong 3rd Quarter profitability leading to strong November-December hiring, and …
  6. … BOOM! You’ve got stronger than normal hiring this November-December, while hiring managers scramble to fill positions before year end.

The real question is … are you ready to take advantage of this mini hiring boom?

Are you ready to take advantage of the upcoming hiring frenzy? Or will you keep using the same old tactics that haven’t worked for you in the past, blaming your job search failures on the economy?

Does your resume brand you as a superior candidate? Or as a commodity?

Are you searching for jobs on job boards, spending your job search time in activities with hopelessly poor odds? Or are you exploiting the hidden job market?

Do you demonstrate that you’ve already solved an individual hiring manager’s unique priority problems? Or do you show you’ve solved the average problems of the average company (hint: no one’s average).

Do you demonstrate that you’ve provided your past employers significant value? Or are you describing yourself on an average day by listing your job description, responsibilities and experiences?

Do you have superior information compared to your competitors? Or are you just using inferior sources such as Google, company websites and the job description?

Are you depending on a cover letter to interest employers? Or do you heavily customize your resume, because you realize that ATSs don’t keyword search cover letters and that few employers use them in their decision process?

The jobs are out there … Are you sure you’re using effective modern techniques to grab employers by the shirt collar to make them realize they need you?


Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy?

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