All Job Opportunities Are Not Created Equal

Nov 26 2012 in Featured, Job Search Strategy, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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No job opportunity is 100% but there are some opportunities where you’ll have better odds to land the job.

Unfortunately, there are many more opportunities with worse than average odds.

But that’s ok … you can only take one job.

What’s critical is being able to correctly identify the opportunities where you truly have improved odds vs the opportunities where the odds aren’t in your favor.

Once you can identify which is which, you’ll be able to tell where to invest your time – so that you’re putting the time in to work your best odds opportunities, instead of wasting time with the long shots.

4 Signs You Have Better Odds Of Winning A Job Opportunity:

  1. The Hiring Manager Knows (And Likes) You: If the hiring manager already knows you, this greatly improves your chances … if the hiring manager also likes you. When you’re a known quantity to a hiring manager, the hiring manager takes less risk by hiring you – because she knows your strengths and weaknesses, the hiring manager knows what she’s getting. That’s one reason that CareerBuilder’s survey showed that employers find 80% of their new employees because the hiring manager already knew the candidates (before the interview process).
  2. Multiple Influencers Have Recommended You: When a hiring process influencer recommends you, the hiring manager may consider their recommendation. When 3 process influencers recommend you, the hiring manager listens. When 5 process influencers recommend you, the hiring manager has a really tough time ignoring that many people.
  3. You’ve Already Solved The Hiring Manager’s Problems: A hiring manager isn’t hiring you just to fill a chair and he isn’t really looking for qualifications. He’s hiring you to help solve problems, take advantage of opportunities or break through roadblocks. When you show the hiring manager that you’ve already solved those problems, you’re an exact match for the job and stand head and shoulders over the candidates who just meet published requirements.
  4. The Hiring Manager Has Hired Many People Previously From Your Recruiter: If you’ve been presented by a recruiter that has successfully placed many candidates with the hiring manager, you have much better odds than if you are applying directly. The fact that the hiring manager has chosen many candidates from this recruiter demonstrates that the hiring manager trusts her and takes her advice. When evaluating your chances, remember that the hiring manager is likely interviewing many candidates from the same recruiter for the same position. If you’re the only remaining candidate represented by a recruiter that has placed many new hires with that hiring manager, your odds should be very good (assuming the recruiter is telling the truth).

But there are also signs that you have a poor chance at winning a job opportunity.

Most job seekers fool themselves into investing the most time into the opportunities they most desire, rather than the opportunities they are most likely to win. Sure, you’d like to win the opportunity to be CEO of Goldman Sachs … but your chances are pretty slim. If you had an objective way to gauge the odds of this opportunity, you probably wouldn’t waste much time pursuing such a long shot.

3 Signs You Have Poor Odds Of Winning A Job Opportunity:

  1. You Applied Through A Job Board: Job boards represent one of the worst odds for getting hired. Even CareerBuilder, the biggest job board, published research that hiring managers only find 10% of their new hires through job boards. Considering that you compete with an average 1,000 other applicants, this makes for awful odds.
  2. You Don’t Know Anyone Who Knows The Hiring Manager Well: If you don’t know anyone who knows the hiring manager well, then the hiring manager forms his opinion about you just based on interview and resume. You should assume that you’re competing against other candidates who have people in common with the hiring manager … and they’ve asked their contacts to put in a good word for them. You’re at a huge disadvantage when no one is putting in a good word for you.
  3. You Don’t Know The Hiring Manager’s Needs Other Than The Job Description: This means you’re flying blind. Hiring managers look for someone who can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. How can you show you’re a superior candidate that has already solved the hiring manager’s problems … when you don’t know what those problems are? If all you know is the job description, you only know the least important part of what the hiring manager is looking for.

Now that you have some better tools to judge if an opportunity is strong, weak or meh …

… how will you change how you invest your time pursuing opportunities?


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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