Cutting The Job Board Umbilical Cord

Nov 29 2012 in Featured, Job Boards, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

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Job boards are one of the worst ways to search for a new job.

“How can this be true?”, You think …

“How else can I look for a job, if not using job boards? Do I just rely on recruiters?”, you question?

I’ve surveyed tens of thousands of job seekers during my complimentary intro webinar Resume Revolution!” (register to check it out at On average, some currently working and others in transition … 60-70% find most of their job search opportunities on job boards.

Since many attendees have been on my webinars or have read my articles before answering the survey, these averages include results from those who have previously changed their job search, based on my advice. So it would make sense that the overall averages are much higher – probably 85-90% of job seekers find the majority of their job opportunities online.

Let’s compare this to CareerBuilder’s study of employers, asking hiring managers where they find the people they hire. Employers told CareerBuilder that they only find about 10% of their new hires from job boards (that’s any job board, including Linkedin’s job board and Craigslist) … just 10%. That may sound surprisingly low to you, but when you add another statistic to this, you’ll see just how hopeless job board applications can be.

Also consider that you compete against an average 1,000 applicants for each job.

This means that 1,000 candidates (who have almost all applied through a job board) are all competing for a 10% chance that one of you will get hired. So let’s calculate the odds that you’ll get hired from each job you apply for ….

1,000 applicants

divided by




Making the odds that you’ll be hired from applying through an a job board ad:

1:10,000 for each ad you apply to

These are terrible odds. Yet most job seekers won’t cut the umbilical cord from job boards, even after they hear how hopeless the odds are of finding a job through a job board

Let’s say you’re doubtful about these statistics, because you’re so used to job boards being the path to a job. You’re probably wondering “If so few employers find new hires from job boards, then why do they bother to advertise on job boards? Shouldn’t job boards be going out of business if so few employers are finding candidates on them?”

The same CareerBuilder study found that employers found 80% of their new employees, because the hiring manager already knew them. This statistic includes candidates who have networked their way to the hiring manager before the ad went up.

And it makes perfect sense when you think about it from the hiring manager’s point of view. When a hiring manager realizes they need a new (or replacement) team member, the first thing they do is think about who they already know that would be great for the position – people they already know. When the hiring manager lists criteria, they are describing the criteria of 2-3 people they already know that they would like for the job – this is the 80% and it’s their job to lose.

And sometimes they do lose the opportunity, either because they can’t come to salary terms, they don’t want to leave their present position (or employer), or they don’t pass background screening. When that happens, hiring managers need a Plan B.

… and that’s the job board. It’s Plan B. In addition, job boards bring in enough resumes from different socio-economic groups to pass Department of Labor audits for fair hiring practices.

So when you apply through a job board, here’s what you should expect:

  • You’re Plan B, At Best
  • Your Efforts Help Employers Pass Labor Audits
  • And here’s what you get in return:

  • Horrible Odds Of Getting The Job

By the way, some job boards are going out of business … the number of active job boards has shrunk by about 20% over the past few years, because there are so many job boards finding so few new hires, that employers aren’t spending as much on job boards as they used to.

I think the main reason job seekers continue to invest the majority of their job search time, is because they don’t know a different way. Most job seekers have come to rely on job boards as the only way to find a job, that they spend way too much time relying on them.

Fortunately, there is a better way …

Join one of my complimentary Resume Revolution webinars, (register at to learn how to cut your umbilical cord and how to be one of the 80% that employers hire.


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Author: Phil Rosenberg

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