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February 18, 2018 4:40 pm

When Cover Letters Can Help

Jan 12 2010 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

Most of the time, Cover Letters can hurt your job search more than help it. But there are some cases when a well crafted, very succinct cover letter is just what you need. To my regular readers, this article may come as a shock. Those who follow my articles know that I’m very outspoken that […]

Getting Your Cover Letter Noticed: Republished from TheLadders

Dec 30 2009 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

Earlier this month, I was interviewed for a second article for TheLadders, discussing cover letters. This article gives both sides…for cover letters, and against. For information on the research I refer to in this interview, see Is Your Cover Letter An Ineffective And Obsolete Tradition? Read more … From TheLadders … If you’ve looked for […]

Manuscript vs. Machine: republished from TheLadders

Dec 16 2009 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

I was recently interviewed for this article published in TheLadders on 12/15/09, and wanted to republish here for reCareered’s readers: Manuscript vs. Machine: Thoughts and notes on cover letter submission from TheLadders’ editor-in-chief.December 15, 2009By Matthew Rothenberg Over the past year, TheLadders’ editorial team has done extensive research into what exactly happens to your resume […]

Networking Wedding Crashers – Be the only one like you in the room

Dec 8 2009 in Networking/Social Networking, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

What do you think is a more effective networking strategy? Going to an industry event with others in your same profession? Or going to an event in a totally different industry? If you’re an IT professional, while you might find industry contacts from companies or recruiters who are hiring at a Tech Cocktail networking event, […]

Is Your Cover Letter An Ineffective And Obsolete Tradition?

Dec 2 2009 in Cover Letters, Featured, reCareered Blog by Phil Rosenberg

Another career author asked me to share thoughts on cover letters, and how Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS – the dreaded HR database) use them. I thought readers would find my responses helpful. I’ve done some interesting research on cover letters, demonstrating them to be an obsolete and ineffective tradition in today’s job search. Here’s some […]

Announcing reCareered Teleseminars – and special offer for readers

Sep 21 2008 in Uncategorized by Phil Rosenberg

Announcing reCareered’s Second Teleseminar Series. Special offer for reCareered Teleseminars – Purchase by Wednesday 10/15/08, and take 33% off – only $199 You’re a reCareered reader, so I know you need help in your job search. Maybe the higher cost of individualized assistance was out of your budget? I wanted to do something to help, […]

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